#Deflategate Debunked AGAIN: Cold Weather Deflates Your Tires (duh!)

Over the many years since the New England Patriots #Deflategate controversy (as lifelong team fans), we’ve been approached by haters calling the team and Tom Brady “cheaters”. In response, we’ve always asked these critics if they’ve ever noticed lower tire pressure the morning after a sudden temperature drop? They would almost always respond, “yes” to which our response would be to politely ask, did Tom Brady come by and deflate your tires?

Levity is used to describe something easily relatable as common sense; common sense that was totally lacking during the so-called NFL “deflategate” investigation where the New England quarterback was ultimately suspended for four games; not for deflating footballs as alleged but because he refused to hand over a cell phone in question to investigators.

Brady was questioned extensively at his appeal and he asserted that it had always been his practice to have his cell phones destroyed every so often. He explained that there is private information like players contracts, endorsement deals, and photos of his family on his phone that he wanted wiped. That seems like a perfectly reasonable desire.
Deadspin, 8/5/15

Seriously, we all know Tom Brady’s text messages, pictures, contacts, etc. would be a goldmine leaked to an overzealous media and if we were in his situation, would probably do the same.

So you can imagine the smile on our faces when we heard a local Washington, D.C. radio station this morning repeating cold weather tips issued by AAA….

In fact, these cold weather tips are being widely shared for the simple.

AAA offers timely tips for winter driving
Have tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires can be dangerous, and may suffer damage. Tire air pressure decreases 1-2 psi for every 10 degree temperature drop.
Chicago Now, 11/11/19

Well, duh!

Even a seventh-grader proved the obvious and easily.

Thus began the science project with which 7th grader Ben Goodell won first prize at St. Pius V School in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts part may give you a hint regarding why Goodell’s science project was about how weather alone could influence the air pressure in a football.

“I just came up with this project because I wanted to prove Tom Brady was innocent,” Goodell says. “I didn’t think it was fair for them to just call Brady a cheater.”

And as it turned out… “Every time I recorded the football’s PSI after being outside for two hours, the PSI read two PSI under proper inflation,” Ben Goodell says.
WBUR, 3/12/16

Sad how so many can relate to a simple concept of physics via experience yet suspend the concept when it can feed into the justified jealousy of football fans who support inferior teams.

It was simply about bringing footballs from a warm interior onto a cooler field. Tom Brady and the Patriots didn’t cheat and millions of stubborn people (who probably can’t even spell physics) still won’t admit it.

Just ask your tires in the morning.