The Last Black President

As a resident of Massachusetts, I see real parallels between the rise and fall of our first black governor Deval Patrick, and the rise and coming fall of the first black president, Barack Obama. Let’s get to some politically incorrect, uncomfortable-to-say for some, specifics.

1. The Ballot Becomes The Race Card
Both Deval Patrick and Barack Obama had the same campaign guru: David Axelrod.

Using white liberal guilt to his political advantage, Axelrod created candidates that were immune from the normal political vetting process, as any attempt to do such would be called veiled racism. With that, they ran with vague slogans that touched at progressive heartstrings, and they did. Patrick’s “Together We Can” and Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogans offered what the beholder thought he or she wanted, without the nasty details.

Again hiding behind the race smear, virtually no one pestered the candidates for details of what they planned on doing once in office. Patrick and Obama were allowed to say whatever they wanted to make the voters feel better about making history. The beauty of this strategy was that any opposition to these candidates had the typical politically correct response in the waiting: racism.

With Patrick’s victory, Axelrod found his template and with Barack Obama, took it national.

2. The Non-Threatening Black
Granted, it’s neither of their fault, but liberals really like Halfrican Americans. If you think that’s an over-the-top assertion, take a look at all of the so-called pretty people Hollywood celebrates. A vast majority of the “black” female singers and actresses are light-skinned. With the exception of gangsta’ rappers and hip-hop thugs, a good number of black males in entertainment aren’t dark.

This is not a true reflection of the preferences of the American people, but of the liberal racists who “discover” the new talent. Take a look at President Obama’s inner circle and with one or two exceptions, almost all are light-skinned black people; a trait someone must consider more visually acceptable to the American people.

Both Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are halves. When choosing clients, that had to have weighed in on Axelrod’s decision: how to use race politics that will be the least offensive. Despite all the civil rights gains over the decades, there are still people who’d never vote for a black man, but if he weren’t so black…?

So by finding black candidates that spoke proper English and weren’t “threatening”, we had two candidates for high office that could be embraced by the mainstream while still maintaining the fear of a race label on those who would oppose.

3. History In The Making
Both Obama and Patrick had something going for them that few enjoy in their whole political career: historic firsts.

As potential historical pics, this would also be used to their advantage. Think about it: voting against Barack Obama and Deval Patrick could be seen as voting against progress and sticking with the horrors of America’s past. Voting against Barack Obama and Deval Patrick would be seen as backward thinking and worse, you’re a racist.

Media criticism during their campaigns was like watching someone walking over glowing coals. Each step was painful, but the anticipation of the next step was worse.

Deval Patrick was dogged by an issue during the campaign about his unapologetic advocacy of a convicted black rapist. The perp was black, the victim was white. Now if all the parties were white and the candidate were a Republican or Democrat, we all know how this would’ve ended up. But because two of the three involved were black, the media simply reported the issue, made no assertions, few follow-ups, and it went away because to push it…? Well, you know what that would’ve been called.

Barack Obama had his share of controversies, the thickest of which was that surrounding the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s rather racist statements from the pulpit.

Because of the instinctive racial recoil, we were actually told to believe that Obama went to Wright’s church for twenty years and just happened to take selective Sundays off when Jeremiah went off. And leave-it-be the media basically did. Now, if John McCain or Sarah Palin’s pastor said “goddamn America”, that could have been a disqualifyer, but as we were talking about a candidate that had to be treated with sensitivity, “goddamn America” was intellectually justified by the left and their media.

4. Inexperience Excused
The normal criteria for being a chief executive and/or Commander in Chief, is someone who had to have the prerequisite experience. Normally governors are people who’ve held statewide office and whose track record was an open book. Normally presidents are people who’ve held executive private or public sector positions, had managed over legislative battles, and had the scars to prove it.

Neither Barack Obama or Deval Patrick had such experience, thus is why I’ve called them both Affirmative Action hires and will continue to do so, as they both fit that make-up-for-history criteria.

Prior to becoming the governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick had NO elective office experience. Besides previously being an attorney and businessman, Patrick was a United States Assistant Attorney General under President Bill Clinton. Not to outright demean the value of such experience, but most gubernatorial candidates at least have had some election victories in the state they wish to lead. But where Affirmative Action applies, direct experience doesn’t matter. An opportunity for racial justice does.

We’ve all seen and heard about John McCain for decades. Who even knew Barack Obama existed two years ago, and who would’ve ever thought an unknown community organizer from Chicago would ever be president? If someone in Vegas can look into what the odds were when Obama first announced, I’d love to know. Can you imagine what a $50 bet on those odds would have paid off on November 4, 2008?

From what we know, Barack Obama was not the talented, skilled candidate we’ve all be told he is. Apparently, he used technicalities to have seasoned opponents removed from the ballot, whupped a principles-challenged, carpetbagging Alan Keyes for the US Senate race, and after not even showing a molecule of humility in gaining some relevant Capitol Hill experience (basically a short-term party yes man), Barack Obama decided it was HIS time and made his move on the presidency.

Again, having white liberal guilt as his trump card, the only experience both these candidates needed was that of oppressed minorities that lived in a world few in the mainstream could ever understand, or dare question.

That’s all they needed.

5. Humility-Challenged
Both Deval Patrick and Barack Obama came into their respective offices with trumped up “mandates”. It was a glorious time of change and hope and together we can, and that’s all that mattered. We were all told to sit down, shut up, and give these men a chance to make things right.

Deval Patrick’s newfound power almost immediately went to his head.

His initial state budget-busting with a Democrat legislative super majority wasn’t helped with his overspending on his office makeover. I mean, c’mon. What self-respecting black man spends $12,000 on drapes?

Deval Patrick did, as well as ditching the traditional Crown Victoria ride for the stereotypical, way more expensive Cadillac. Obviously as the first black governor, “Coupe Deval” believed he was entitled to these (and many other) perks of power, while lacking the humility to see how others not as fortunate viewed his excesses.

Barack Obama didn’t even wait for his election to declare “this is the moment, as Nancy (Pelosi) noted, that the world is waiting for.” While his personal gains weren’t as pronounced, his hubris has been duly notated.

His numerous Executive Order overturns of Bush Administration policy was a clear illustration of his disdain for what many of us consider respect of the previous occupants. But as his short term continued, he found himself continuing those liberally-hated policies because there was wisdom Candidate Obama wasn’t privy to during the campaign. Obama’s youthful arrogance continues to play out on a daily basis as he takes every opportunity to blame the former administration for the tough decisions he has to make, his penchant for talking down to the American children he leads, while taking credit for having the smarts to stay the course, even though by doing so he’s continuing where Bush left off.

Deval Patrick was essentially reigned in by the embedded Massachusetts Democrat machine. Barack Obama has been a bull-in-the-china-shop when it comes to his “transforming America” promise. The long term problem for Obama is that the people aren’t digging what he’s turning America into.

Despite the use of the race card to get him elected, would anyone of us believe that in less than four months the Obama Administration would be taking over banks, dictating how automakers would make product, taking over auto companies, changing Cuba policy, and getting away with foreign etiquette gaffes expected of George W. Bush?

Of course not, and if Barack Obama ran on that, even with RINO McCain as his weak opposition, he’d never have gotten elected.

6. The Future Is Not Bright
A recent Rasmussen Poll shows that there is a very strong possibility that Deval Patrick will be a one-term governor. Note his using any and every opportunity to be seen with fellow Chicago homie Barack Obama in D.C.

Patrick repeatedly says he’s not interested in accepting a cabinet position in the Obama Administration, but as of November 2010, he may find himself out of work like the rest of us.

President Obama could face a similar fate in 2012.

In four months, Barack Obama has done more damage to the nation we once called The United States of America than any president we’ve been alive to witness. Imagine how bad things may get next month, let alone next year, and the American people will soon tire of his “I inherited this” excuse.

And despite all the hype, I don’t believe Barack Obama is this outstanding orator and politician.

Barack Obama is a good reader but as evidenced by his tendency to um and ahh when off prompter, we can be justified in questioning his intelligence as we really don’t know who’s writing the glowing passages he reads. Just what would the media and the left be saying about George W. Bush if he had to read answers in a press conference off a teleprompter, and everyone would be speculating who was scripting him.

Deval Patrick may be the first and last black governor Massachusetts sees for a long time. Barack Obama may also be the first and last black president as well.

Let me take that back.

The next black person who runs for those seats, if they have any hope of winning, will be Republicans, because memories of those who broke ground before them will be an open wound. Barack Obama and Deval Patrick will quickly become stereotyped adjectives, and we all know most stereotypes have a basis in truth.

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  2. Bob

    Wow. Looks like this one struck I nerve. As I wrote the original piece (and stand by what i wrote), I don’t need a wordy rebuttal.

    #1. JB65 wrote: “The overwhelming popular vote win (as well as huge electoral win) with clear majorities in almost every demographic group was the result of white liberal guilt, interesting analysis.”

    Barack Obama won 53 percent of the popular vote. Only a partisan would consider 53 percent an “overwhelming popular vote win”, considering those same partisans claimed the nation was “sharply divided” after George W. Bush’s 51 percent win in 2004. Amazing how a two-point swing is perceived.

    #2. As far as my “repugnant” observation about the “non-threatening” look of Obama’s administration, Booker Rising also made the same observation:

    “However, Mr. Parks does make one fair point: where are the darker-skinned blacks in the Obama administration? But for bodyman Reggie Love and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk (Mrs. Obama is not his employee), I’d wonder President Obama knew any dark-skinned blacks. His black staff clique are like the political Gamma Rays. I have to look twice at a couple of them to even know they’re black. Hell, even President Obama’s receptionist is a redbone. Others have commented on this one too. “

    #3. Get real. All of the others who would’ve made history had one thing in common: they were all white. If you are claiming that Obama’s race was taken as of equal importance to Hillary or Richardson or Palin, I’m not buying it.

    CNN’s Rick Sanchez didn’t have white women on, asking them if they had no shame for not wanting to vote for Hillary or Palin. He did have no problem asking three black Republicans if they “have no shame” or felt like “sell outs” for not backing Obama.

    Race was the historical factor here for the white guilt left.

    #4. Yes, Obama gave that speech at the DNC convention, but until he decided to run for president, the majority of the American people didn’t know who he was.

    Revise history for your guy all you want. Try and find substantive pieces on him prior to his campaign with Alan Keyes. There isn’t much.

    #5. It was considered “unprecedented” when Bill Clinton (and later Jimmy Carter) began criticizing President Bush. THAT had never been done before.

    And as for blaming Clinton for 9/11, the 9/11 Commission concluded that had he captured UBL when he had the opportunity, 9/11 may never have happened. Republicans didn’t try to block, and later forced a re-edit of a television docudrama on the subject. Neither did a Republican steal and destroy documents on the subject from the National Archives.

    “The Path To 9/11”, to this date, hasn’t been released on DVD. That’s special, and Robert Iger (ABC prez) must really have a reason to be willing to lose millions in sales to cover for his friends, the Clintons.

    #6. Obama “doesn’t” read answers off of prompters?

    Who brings a telepromter to a press conference? This guy is even less able to speak without putting his foot in his mouth than then outgoing president was.
    Justin Webb’s America: BBC

    The media complained, after his first primetime press conference, that his answers took so long, he could only answer six questions.

    Anyone who watches the man speak knows when he’s on and off prompter. Prompter on, glowing rhetoric. Prompter off, ums and ahs.

    Lastly, I’ve had more than enough experience to know how insulting Affirmative Action is. I had been a professional in my field for over 15 years when I got my job in network television. But it was the liberals I worked with that had to be convinced I was qualified for my job, despite my experience, because AA is the box they put most blacks in at that level.

    As for Obama’s policies thus far into his term, if you’re a business person, he has to be a disaster on your bottom line. If you’re one of those liberals living off of grants, you’ll be feeling it soon.

  3. JB65

    Factually challenged at best about Pres. Obama. Not being a resident of Massachusetts I won’t speak to your characterizations of Gov. Patrick.

    To your points:

    #1. The overwhelming popular vote win (as well as huge electoral win) with clear majorities in almost every demographic group was the result of white liberal guilt, interesting analysis. How do you account for all the non-white vote majorities? Also, that he didn’t tell what he would do in office, just gave platitudes, also interesting, especially when everything was detailed on his website on a topic by topic basis.

    #2. I’d agree with you that Hollywood has a racist inclination towards light skinned or mixed individuals. And maybe white America does as well, but to posit that Axelrod sought out light skinned blacks to put his ‘plan’ to prey upon white guilt is a bit much. Don’t tell me you’re going all “Manchurian Candidate Theory” on us. Also, if he had found dark skinned blacks who didn’t speak ‘proper english’, would you support them or criticize them for their inability to speak ‘well’? You’re reaching on this one. And to use the term ‘Halfrican’ is repugnant, way to go, let’s make judgements on who’s black and who’s not. Didn’t the dark skin vs light skin arguments go out in the 70’s?

    #3. A couple of major flaws in your ‘History in the Making’ argument. The first being the obvious, is that Obama’s major opponent in the democratic primary was Hillary Clinton, who’s nomination would also have been a first, and a Historical event. As would have an earlier opponent Gov. Richardson. Similarly in the general election, though Gov. Palin wasn’t the first woman to be nominated as a VP candidate, had she won, it would have been ‘History in the Making’. So those basically negate each other. As to the lack of media scrutiny, you have got to be kidding. It was Jeremiah Wright, 24/7, and then we all wised up and said that if we blamed Obama for everything his preacher said, we’d have to blame everyone for what their religious leaders said and did. So Catholics would be to blame for the priests that molested children, etc. And Gov. Palin’s church did have some very odd characters as leaders and speakers, and the MSM did not touch that or some of those crazy statements. Also, no one questioned McCain on his switch of religions.

    #4. You state that no one had heard of Pres. Obama two years ago. Again, wrong. His big splash in the mainstream politics was his speech at the 2004 DNC (4+ years ago) and since then has been in the limelight. I didn’t think his climb would be as quick as it was, but Pres. Bush led this country so far off a cliff, America wanted a new direction. That’s also why in the past two elections Democrats in the house and senate, as well as in state offices have been dominating. You also critique his lack of experience and call him a community organizer, while explicitly leaving out that he was in the Illinois state senate, as well as the Senator from Illinois. Convenient that you omitted that. And granted, there are people with more experience, that doesn’t make them correct. It also does not mean if people select the candidate with less experience, but better ideas they do so as an ‘affirmative action’ choice.

    #5. How wrong you are on this point is enough to write a whole dissertation on. First, Pres. Obama declared he would overturn the previous admin’s rulings on Stem Cells, Guantanamo, torture, etc. during the campaign. To claim his doing so is hubris, is inane. I seem to remember a certain republican president upon winning reelection by a much smaller margin claiming ‘i have political capital, and i intend to spend it’. I’ll have to dig through the archives to see your statements against that hubris. And you want respect for the previous administration?
    First, tell Cheney to show a little as well, his criticism is unprecedented, whether you agree with it or not. Second, the previous admin didn’t earn respect. 9/11 occurred on their watch, though they tried to blame Pres. Clinton for that. They trampled all over our rights and effectively ran this country into the ground. And you want him to respect what they did? No thanks. And to the fact that Pres. Obama took over banks, get your facts straight, the previous administration did that. Changing Cuba policy, stated in the campaign. Raising CAFE fuel standards, was done in the 70’s to raise the cars from 6mpg (and the auto companies protested), and again was promised in the campaign.

    #6. Pres. Obama does not read answers off a teleprompter, he read his opening statement off one, the same that many presidents do, including Reagan and Bush. We could compare his performances at press conferences better with GWB, except Bush gave 4 in his 8 years. I think Obama is already at that number. Maybe Bush was busy setting the record for most vacation days taken by a president. As for the ‘I Inherited this’, you are right, it will wear off after a while, right around the time his policies start working. And those that don’t he’ll take responsibility for, unlike any mistakes by the previous admin. Just keep in mind, as I stated before 9/11 which was 9 months in to GWB’s term, was blamed on Clinton by many a republican. How’s that for personal responsibility? You are correct that if he does fail, if there are missteps, it will affect future African American candidates, and that is the sad truth about the racism in our country. You don’t see the same for when a white person fails.

    But your analysis that he is an affirmative action president is utterly wrong, and is actually sad that you would disparage his accomplishments as due only to the guilt whites feel over the color of his skin. It’s sad, because it’s your sorry attempt to try and minimize the truly pathetic presidency of George W. Bush and the damage his fellow republicans, and your ideals have caused America. You want to lay blame on race or guilt, but the blame lays at the feet of those who implemented policies and wars so recklessly that they have left this country crushed. Upon seeing that damage, a huge majority of Americans overwhelmingly voted to end those bad policies, and try a different better way and they picked the guy they thought could do it, not because he is of mixed race. The sooner you realize that, the sooner your party may be able to emerge from the wilderness, stop losing elections, not have a 21% identification rate, and a 13% approval rate for Congressional Republicans. Personally, I’d love for you to not change, moderate, update or anything. Republicans ‘Staying the Course’ has worked so well for democrats in the past two elections, I hope you keep doing what’s been working out so well.

  4. Booker Rising

    BOB PARKS OP-ED: The Last Black President…

    Mr. Parks sees parallels between the rise and fall of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, his state’s first black governor, and what he calls “the rise and coming fall of the first black president”. The conservative Republican commentator opines a…

  5. n.n

    I was looking forward to “The Last Black President”; but, after reading your review — thanks for the spoiler Bob — , it seems best to wait for the sequel, with better actors and script, or something altogether different.

    Oh well…. What else is playing.

  6. Miss Orange

    Thanks to Barack Obama and NOT white racists, Jesse Jackson Sr. will never be president. So true that Barack Obama has killed the chances for Black Democrat White House aspirants for a long time to come.

  7. Eric

    “Obama is a failure, which he very well may be”

    That’s the problem, he isn’t failing in what he want’s to do. He is succeding in his plan to “Change America”

    That change is destroying a country that allowed him to be elected

  8. Petey

    One of the best posts I’ve read on this site. I wish you would submit this to any large Massachusetts newspaper, but I doubt they would publish something that is brutally honest in its criticism of Obama. Your comparison is right on target. As a friend of mine once said before the election, “How can anyone in this state vote for Obama after what we’ve seen from Deval “the Cadillac of Governors” Patrick?”

    I also applaud your courage in calling out the fact that Obama was the ultimate affirmative action hire and consistently received a free pass from everyone because they were scared of being called racist. But I hope your prepared to be called an Oreo cookie or some other such BS. Liberals talk about free speech but are the first to deny you yours if you disagree with them.
    My sister once got angry with me when I said the only reason for his popularity despite his lack of accomplishments was because he was black. But if Barack Obama was a white guy from a working class Chicago neighborhood named Barry O’Banion, not only would no one care about him, no one would know his name.

    But your main point is the most damning. If Obama is a failure, which he very well may be, it would be devastating to any future black candidate, because the only thing their opponent would need to do to win is compare them to Obama.

  9. Nicolas

    KILLER piece, ABSOLUTELY killer! I’ve been waiting for you to carpet bomb the topic with straight facts and logic, that people NEEDED to hear.
    It would be great if you could cover it again in a future video segment on B&R if possible

    Just waiting for CNN to call you and ask “Well, Bob, isn’t that racist?” like they did during Hurricane Katrina. If they do call you, I’d love to hear you put them in their place, as they deserve it

    also, very excellent points about the “halficran” aspect of society. Sad part is, that, what you’d stated – it was an issue of what was pleasing to their eyes. makes me sick. Doesn’t matter what skin color you have, it’s all about accomplishments and content of character. I know for a fact that this man could debate and destroy any lefty in his path, and most certainly the likes of Deval or Obama.

    If I was in your voting district, you’d definitely have my vote. The time be good again at some point to run for local office though, and you may just win, given the left’s crummy performance that people are growing increasingly sick of. Fingers crossed

    Again, FANTASTIC straight FACTS and common sense here. love it. People NEED this reality check

  10. louielouie

    In four months, Barack Obama has done more damage to the nation we once called The United States of America than any president we’ve been alive to witness.

    oh my.
    bob is starting to sound like LL.
    oh my.

  11. Standing with you

    I had heard some of these similarities before. But wow, this is an amazing report of it all!! As for the halficran americans, I could not agree more. Which makes my stomach turn. I see this in the disablities world as well. Hollywood could have an opportunity to teach about disabilities in so many ways. But those who have a disablity like Down syndrome (which is obviously not as pleasing to their shallow eye) they become the punchline of the joke. But the disablities that are more subtle, are used to show thier “compassion”. But the halfrican American part, makes my stomach turn. Simply because they use it to show they are not racist. When indeed, they are!!!

  12. breadbasker

    I first noticed Obama’s incredible arrogance when he set up shop as
    ‘Office of President Elect of the United States” right after the election, holding court as a POTUS before he was sworn. No one else in presidential history has tried anything like that. Ever.

  13. Marla

    And as a fellow inmate, uh, prisoner, uh, resident of Taxachusetts, I can attest to the arrogance, stupidity, and poor governance of “Devil” Patrick.


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