NFL: Narcissists, Fools and Liars

2009 NFL LogoThose of you who know me know I love football. I can easily spend all Sunday watching football pre-game shows, the early, late, night, and Monday night games. However, the latest thrust of liberalism shoved in my face with the whole Rush Limbaugh thing has left me not looking forward to Sunday as I normally would.

The dumping of Limbaugh was not only as a result of a sloppy smear campaign by the left, but also the pile-on by a partisan NFL owner and player’s association Obamabot, gleeful writers and commentators, a gutless commissioner, and ignorant players. Rush Limbaugh, who hasn’t been on an NFL broadcast in years, was said to be too politically divisive.

But what do you call it when a large number of football viewers change the channel every Sunday when uber-liberal Keith Olbermann graces the Football Night in America broadcast?

That genius of football knowledge, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, is seeking to become a limited partner of the Miami Dolphins. Of course, she’s not politically divisive, and there’s nothing in her past that would show she’s not wholesome. You know, just what the NFL is looking for.

Fergie, potential NFL team ownerIf I may, let’s take the lyrics of one of her songs out of context and see if any quote (accurately attributable) of Limbaugh’s comes close….

They say I’m really sexy,
The boys they wanna sex me.
They always standing next to me,
Always dancing next to me,
Tryin’ a feel my hump, hump.
Lookin’ at my lump, lump.

Fergie, “My Humps”, Black Eyed Peas

Granted, there are many a mother today that was raisin’ the roof in their cars, bring the kids home from school to “My Humps”, but if the NFL is seeking to cleanse itself of a non-family friendly image, is getting ass thrust in your face by ownership the way to go?

Not just hatin’ on Fergie, how about NFL players like Steelers’ James Farrior who came out and bashed Limbaugh because of the “slavery” misquote. Is he going to take back what he said? Probably not. He’s too much of a man to admit he was suckered into reacting as the left wanted an ignorant black man to react.

Players who said they’d never play on a team Limbaugh owned, surely have no problem playing for an owner who knows they all want to fuck her 100 yards from Sunday. Which owner, who said they felt Limbaugh wasn’t good for the image of the game, can claim that they’ve brought a potential 20 million new fans to his team’s base?

I’m a Patriots fan, but if Rush owned the Rams and their game was on after the Pats game was over, I might watch that game. I’d even be rooting for them.

Now, the whole league sickens me.

Having to endure Olbermann’s mug on my screen is bad enough. Having to deal with social commentary by liberal sports announcers is bad enough. Having to listen to non-football related opinion by clueless players is bad enough. Having to watch President Obama issue some kind of address every other Sunday or Monday night is bad enough.

But being told that people who think like me (and many others) aren’t welcome in the NFL, and can be lied about with impunity is the last straw.

Before my team plays, there is no football. After my team plays, there is no football. I don’t need to support television networks and their celebrity play-by-play analysts. I don’t need to know who sponsored that game’s broadcast. I don’t need to buy any merchandise that carries the NFL logo. I don’t need to give my hard earned dollars to people who lie about others, assassinate their character, and just walk away like nothing ever happened.

Rush Limbaugh never shot anyone at a nightclub, on the street, or in their home. Holier-than-thou NFL players have. Rush Limbaugh never sued his listeners. An NFL owner has sued his own fans. Rush Limbaugh never screwed over his listeners. NFL owners move their teams in the middle of the night and break the hearts of their fans. Rush Limbaugh’s product is worth the reasonable price some choose to pay for premiums. NFL owners charge top dollar for lousy product, yet Rush Limbaugh, and the millions who listen to his show, aren’t good enough for football.

Now that we see what the National Football League really is (and wants to become), maybe it isn’t good enough for us anymore.

Many of the liberals who sealed the deal against Rush are too sophisticated to watch a barbaric exhibition like football. Many of the conservatives who did watch the product known as professional football have now become too sophisticated to subject themselves to the musings and interference of liberal narcissists, fools, and liars.

Personally, I have better things to do.

UPDATE: The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist

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