Richmond Trump Rally: The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Democrat Left Bullies

It started out as a rather unimpressive gathering of progressive, Democrat losers who had nothing better to do on a Friday night but show up to an event with the expressed purpose of the intimidation and harassment of attendees. It turned out to be yet another display of that progressive, mythical superior-intellect that had to be told what to chant and would go into sheer meltdown mode at the slightest injection of opposing opinion.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Police detain five, charge one outside Trump’s Richmond rally

Over the four-plus hours Black & Blonde Media were outside the Richmond Coliseum, we witnessed liberal narcissists of all ages who wanted those in their circles to know they were there, expletives and racist insults freely hurled at law enforcement, a presidential nominee and his supporters who traveled there to hear him speak, and the blatant dismissal and/or threatened assault of anyone THEY deemed not “welcome” in THEIR city.

And now we come to that “dishonest” media thing….

According to NBC12 Richmond’s report, protester Mary Genthner claimed to have been “slapped” by a Trump supporter, however at 14:50 of our video while she’s clearly angered that the protesters’ space was violated, said nothing about being struck. In the report, she also claimed to have seen police “huggin’ and lovin’” Trump supporters. This was something we also did not witness and other published video of this event do not back up her assertion.

In a report by Melissa Hipolit of Richmond’s CBS6, there is video of Ms. Genthner appearing to be in the face of the Trump supporter in question and his putting his hand between his face and hers. Hardly a “slap”, and Hipolit also made reference to protesters and Trump supporters “spitting” on each other; something we neither personally witnessed or could verify on other video.

The Richmond ABC affiliate WRIC reported a “fight” between Trump supporters and protesters (according to “witnesses”) however “fight”, according to what we saw, is clearly an exaggeration.

We all know what the left would’ve been screaming to this day had a Hillary or Bernie supporter entered a “free speech” area designated for Trump supporters (has this even happened yet?) and were verbally and physically assaulted.

The only instances where there was any opportunity for tumult was when the “safe space” of Generation Slush was intruded upon and the group-think rage was exacerbated. Otherwise, it was another illustration of spoiled Democrat narcissists with foul mouths, willing to disrupt an event and/or traffic because they could, and going on and on with a message the decent would be reluctant to share.

The Richmond Police Department and the Virginia State Police officers did an excellent job at the Trump Rally. It’s time to stand up to the REAL bullies, exposing them for the selfish frauds they are.

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