Philip Haney: At DHS, See Something, Say Nothing

Philip Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, explains during a news conference at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. why Islamic terror has had ease in taking root in the United States.

When recently retired DHS frontline officer and intelligence expert Philip Haney bravely tried to say something about the people and organizations that threatened the nation, his intelligence information was eliminated, and he was investigated by the very agency assigned to protect the country

Michele Bachmann, former Republican member of the US House of Representatives, MN-6 (2007 to 2015)

Louis Gohmert, Republican member of the US House of Representatives, TX-1 (2005 to present)

William Ferri, Assistant Director, Passenger Operations (2010 to 2014), Department of Homeland Security; Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP), Port of New York / New Jersey

Joseph Schmitz, former Inspector General, Department of Defense; foreign policy advisor, Donald J. Trump presidential campaign

DHS does appear to know what they’re doing.

They’re just prevented from acting upon what they discover and that directive is coming from the top, at the cost of many American lives.

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