Unlike Most in #GOPe, Trump IS Seen with Blacks

While the Hillary campaign and her media is in meltdown mode by the growing desertion of her black base, the Republican Party shouldn’t be patting themselves on their backs for receiving new voters who can help put Donald Trump over the top.

Donald Trump is attracting black voters precisely because he’s not afraid to talk to blacks, appeal for their votes, and most important: he’s never been afraid to be seen with us and has reached out, not with an outreach plan for appearances sake, but with six words: “What do you have to lose?”

Take a look at the makeup of any Republican and/or conservative group and you’ll see very few black people. Now, I’m not saying conservatives are inherently racist, but I am saying some use the few blacks they DO have on the roster as props to show how much they aren’t.

If you look back on Donald Trump’s history, especially as a melting-pot New Yorker, he’s been around black people more than any conservative “leader” you can name today, and whether you like some of the blacks he’s been around or not, the fact is he’s been around those who tend to be very good at what they do.

Aside from complaining about and pointing out Democrat pandering like many Republicans like to do, Donald Trump has made direct overtures TO blacks which is something most conservatives and GOP establishment types have not done.

So when we hear certain #NeverTrump conservatives lamenting the erosion of the so-called purity of “principles”, is it really because they despise Trump that much or is it also because of those he’s bringing into the Party?

AP: Few if any minority execs in Donald Trump’s empire

While the Associated Press and CBS News gleefully attempted to portray Donald Trump as someone who doesn’t promote blacks to the executive tier, I can personally attest via personal observation that there are very few blacks on the executive level in almost every media entity in the United States. Go to any network television or radio lobby and you’ll see almost all security guards are black. Take the elevator upstairs where the higher salary production jobs are and you’ll see very few (if any) black people.

When they can point a finger elsewhere, liberals will call meager black hiring on the right as proof of traditional racism. However what they’ll never admit is (thanks to the substandard education Democrats condemn most blacks to) few are equipped to apply for the higher-pay, upstairs jobs so the reason there may be “few if any execs in Donald Trump’s empire” is that few have physically applied.

Donald Trump’s association is nothing new.

Donald Trump should be applauded for not whining about black outreach failures as most Republicans do post-election. Despite the vocal admonitions of loudmouthed, liberal halfrican Americans trying to prove their blackness, Donald Trump is winning over blacks because unlike Democrats, he’s not making the same ol’ promises made every two-to-four years. Unlike the left, he knows he will be held accountable and what’s refreshing is knowing he takes his promises seriously.