Election 2020 Comes Down to Believing Your Own Eyes or the ‘Polls’

In 2016, almost ALL of the pollsters predicted Hillary Clinton would soundly defeat Donald Trump and we all know how that ended. In the run-up to the 2020 election, almost all of these polling units have Joe Biden up by as much as double digits over Donald Trump.

Many of these polls come from colleges run by liberal Democrats and skew their polls, almost uniformly, by contacting more Democrats and independents than Republicans. Other polling companies are commissioned by major news outlets and it’s clear their money depends on giving the liberal news channels the results they and the Democrat Party want as if polling leaning towards Biden will make Trump voters throw up their hands in futility and not bother to go and vote.

One such pollster is Fernand R. Amandi, President/CEO at Bendixen & Amandi International….

Bendixen & Amandi International is an experienced communications consulting firm. We specialize in utilizing innovative research methodologies and adaptable strategy solutions to fit the needs of all our clients.

B&A International has amassed an unprecedented track record of achieving success for our clients. Our growing list of prominent and long-term clients is a testimony to our success. Public opinion research, communications, political and public policy experience, along with a commitment to quality service, have earned B&A International a reputation for excellence.

Our expertise and work have been featured in many renowned publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New York Times, CNN, Newsweek, NPR, Time, The Washington Post, and the USA Today.

Amandi appeared recently on MSNBC’s AM Joy to make his case for the accurate polling industry predictions of a Joe Biden victory despite what too many Americans see with their own eyes.

BTW — There has yet to be one reported instance of supporters committing acts of vandalism, looting, arson, and/or attacks on law enforcement during any of the Trump train road/flotilla rallies, unlike other “peaceful protests” we’ve seen.

Should Donald trump win reelection, the polling companies and education departments that have flooded the American society with yet more misinformation would rightfully go out of business. But knowing the left as we do, they’ll find a way to explain and excuse their errors (again) because too many have too much to lose financially and when it comes to the left, there’s going to be four more years of polls about how much the nation hates President Trump, despite how much he’ll improve the lives of Americans and clean up a very corrupt government swamp.

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