Media Outrage: President Trump Says ‘Alt-Left’ Protesters Are Violent!

Seriously, the media wants everyone who lives in New York City, Oakland, Seattle, Ferguson, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Charlottesville, anywhere that’s experienced #Occupy, #BlackLivesMatter, #Antifa disruptions, riots, property damages, injuries, deaths, or have seen local coverage of such on television to act as shocked as they were when President Donald Trump informed them that the left was culpable of political violence.

It was like the president shot their mama.

Years from now, episodes like these should be in a Republican training manual on how to get back in the face of a media, still angry at a president whose election they did not endorse, a public that didn’t collectively listen to them and elected someone despite their best efforts.

The media has used terms like “mostly peaceful” to deflect any connection to rioters and the ideological infrastructure that has indoctrinated and unleashed mobs into the streets who have to be told what to chant when they march, before some almost always splinter off and commit illegal acts.

Here’s a montage created seven years ago on the “mostly peaceful” in comparison to what the left and media would consider an out-of-control, evil, right wing Tea Party horde….

The left has much blood on their hands and just because the media doesn’t report it, doesn’t mean it never happened. Progressive activists, amplified by an eager and willing media, stoked racial tension in poor neighborhoods to the point where police officers were being assassinated on an almost daily basis last year. The media has yet to assume any culpability for the damage and death caused because it didn’t happen where they live.

They’re just so outraged that FINALLY someone, President Donald Trump, has had the nerve to call out liberal violence; the liberal violence the media’s tried to hide for many years.