‘Clock 19’ — Is #Antifa Also a Bunch of Violent Morons?

We’ve seen the pictures and video. We’ve seen the aftermath of the physical damage to property they cause. Antifa is taken very seriously whenever there’s any kind of political event and they show up.

The quandary comes when we’re not seeing them in the field but consuming their messaging on social media, especially YouTube and Facebook; platforms that have been targeting what they deem “hate speech”. It’s easy to see why those platforms haven’t removed their content, which is clearly advocating for violence, because those representing Antifa appear to be certifiable morons.

Whether we’re talking Boston Antifa, Beverly Hills Antifa, or now the Arizona chapter, if it weren’t for their violent actions in the street, their presentations could be taken as hilarious parody.

But they’re serious and they’re armed.

That is, depending on which way they point the bullets.

And if you’ve ever been to a “protest”, many liberals will walk right up to you and take your picture so you can be later “doxxed”.

Expose someone’s true identity, usually a name or address. It’s one of the scummiest things someone can do on the internet
Urban Dictionary

Well, it appears Antifa has been doxxed, students, teachers, etc. How does it feel?

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