Uncivil #Charlottesville: Disruption Planned, Performed by Progressive Left

There are ways many of us were taught to behave when we’re in a public setting, let alone at a government meeting.

All of that went out the window during the latest official gathering in Charlottesville; a gathering that decried violence while progressives disrupted and essentially took over the over six-hour hearing, requiring law enforcement to quell their “free speech”. Given the props brought by some in the audience, the disruption of traditional and civil government decorum was planned in advance.

And it was all about race.

The following are excerpts that include the well-reasoned comments from leftists in attendance the professional media has graciously spared the viewing public from hearing.

There were no neo-Nazis at the meeting. It didn’t appear that any Republicans, conservatives or other so-called “alt-right” citizens spoke or participated in the physical takeover of the council chamber.

The mayhem was instigated and performed solely by the progressive, liberal left.

But, what else is new?

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