Robert De Niro Pleads With UN to Protect HIS Barbuda Investment

One of the longest-running political jokes are Hollywood celebrities who are invited to speak in front of our politicians during committee hearings. It’s not because they are experts in the fields being discussed but because they either played an effected person in a movie or it’s one of their little pet projects.

Robert De Niro spoke on Tuesday to the United Nations about the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Irma on the island of Barbuda.

Two-time Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro came to the United Nations on Monday to appeal to all countries and organizations to help rebuild the devastated Caribbean island of Barbuda and ensure that “paradise is not lost.”
PageSix, 9/19/17


Is it really all about helping the people there or is it really all about making sure HIS piece of “paradise is not lost”?

Plans by movie star Robert De Niro and Australian billionaire James Packer to build a 391-acre mega-resort at Princess Diana’s favourite Caribbean hideaway are stirring controversy in Barbuda, where opponents accuse the island’s government of trampling citizens’ rights in a rush to push the project through.

The passage last week of the so-called Paradise Found bill during a lively session of the Antigua and Barbuda parliament cleared a major hurdle to the $250m development on the site of the run-down and abandoned K Club, which closed in 2004.

The new law gives the celebrity business partners incentives including a 25-year tax holiday in return for building the exclusive beachfront resort, which features an eco-lodge and yacht marina, and a new airport on Barbuda.
The Guardian, 11/27/15

This is not the first time limousine liberals looked out after themselves over “ordinary people” considered way beneath them and it sure won’t be the last.

De Niro really cared about the locals.

The land is currently owned by some 1,500 of the island’s residents and their stakehold in the island is their birth right and has been enshrined in local law.
AOL, 3/2/15

Not anymore.

Pardon the cynicism, but if it weren’t for a personal and substantial financial investment at risk, would Robert De Niro really be speaking at the United Nations on behalf of a group of people whose name he awkwardly pronounces?

Robert DeNiro wants to punch Donald Trump in the face

Had De Niro not bashed President Trump as much as he had, it’s almost a done deal who he’d be going to for rebuilding aid. Luckily for the American taxpayer President Obama isn’t in office or this could have been taken care of already, De Niro would have his multi-million dollar tax shelter in place and we’d never know about it.

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