Don Cherry Run Out of HNIC Where Speaking Truth to Power is Illegal

Let’s get put things in proper perspective at the onset: Canada is no bastion of free speech. Ask the late Sun News, Mark Steyn and others whose conservative voices have been silenced because they offended the liberal activists and their government. Let this be a lesson to those who believe liberals everywhere are tolerant of speech they don’t agree with.

But now we have the same hypocrites who defended and saved the job of Prime Minister Justin “blackface” Trudeau who are all bent because of what they think they heard.

On Saturday during former Boston Bruins coach and Hockey Night in Canada’s “Coach’s Corner” segment, Don Cherry lamented the lack of support from “immigrants” for Canada’s veterans on Remembrance Day. At no time during the clip available online did Cherry ever disparage Canada’s ethnic veterans, deny their existence or contributions. He went squarely after those whose nations today have problems with those newly-arrived, most of the time without permission, who refuse to assimilate and subsequently drain social services.

You wouldn’t know that from the kneejerk reactions of HNIC’s Sportsnet, the activist mind-reading media who put their racist thoughts in Cherry’s mouth, and his cowardly co-host Ron MacLean who threw him under the bus to save his job….

It’s not like immigration’s fully embraced in Canada and is without all the wonderful complications immigrants bring to a host country their liberals either whitewash, lie about or ignore.

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It appears social justice has found an inroad into the National Hockey League and it’s only a matter of time before we find out just how many agree with Don Cherry and if so, will Sportsnet pay an appropriate price? Succumbing to social media whiners, most of whom don’t know what “The Original Six” is in reference to, is not always the best way to preserve a popular business model.

The recent experience of the National Football League should be a good example worth reviewing.

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