Don Lemon Took it Upon Himself to Speak ‘For the Entire Country’

As said here many times before, blacks are the only group in this country that has unelected “leaders” who believe they speak for all of us and the media throws microphones and cameras in their faces as validation.

Like clockwork, the media continues to use black people and have made this about race.

WaPo: What makes President Trump casually dismiss black pain? White rage.
NY Daily News: We have to question whether fallen Sgt. La David Johnson’s race played a role in Trump’s disrespect
Guardian (UK): A fallen black soldier being disrespected? That’s not an aberration in America Trump’s words to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow echo a history of slights to black soldiers

On Monday night CNN’s Don Lemon took it upon himself to not only speak for all blacks, but self-upgraded himself to speak “for the entire country”.

The arrogance of Don Lemon was once again on full display as he not only assumed the moral authority to “speak for the entire country” but did so without knowing all the facts. Was he either with Myeshia Johnson in the limo or President Trump when the phone conversation occurred or is he just taking the word of a manipulative, attention-seeking black congresswoman? Isn’t it the responsibility of the media to get all the facts before pronouncing judgment?

Yes, but this is Don Lemon and this is CNN.

We didn’t have to get to this point but because of an “empty barrel” congresswoman who dragged a Gold Star widow into her narcissistic brand of politics, and it may just take having the recording of the conversation released; the only reason it may have not been to date is out of sensitivity to Mrs. Johnson but it may take the unfortunate shaming of many to bring this all to an abrupt end.

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