Former RB DeAngelo Williams Dresses Down NFL Network On-Air Talkers

Unfortunately in the media, having actual experience in the field you’re reporting on is not a prerequisite.

Former NFL running back DeAngelo Williams clearly struck a nerve during a segment on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” where he questioned the knowledge of those making predictions of Sunday’s marquee match-up between the New England Patriots at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We’ve shaken our heads in dismay many times after hearing people on the field asking players and coaches about their “feelings” and wasting golden opportunities to get intelligent insights into the game. Again, we’ve had a long off-the-record conversation with a former NFL player and have yet to hear repeated by the professional behind microphones share the same important insights we were privileged to have shared.

Of all of the articulate former players available that would offer relevant insight into pregame predictions and gametime analysis, we either get plunging necklines and heels, affirmative action hires or college players who have little conception of the increased speed and complexity of the professional level yet they share that limited knowledge as authorities.

While we are no fans of DeAngelo Williams, he came right out and said what many of us would like to say to many of the people who offer us their opinions based on limited-to-no practical experience.

There are very few professions where anyone with limited experience in that field can claim to be an expert who influences public opinion… except in the media.

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