ESPN ‘Superstar’ Katie Nolan Bashes Trump, Brady. Wrist Slapped

Employment trends tend to be cyclical: older, experienced professionals are replaced by younger, cheaper inexperienced professionals until the employer sees why older, experienced professionals were hired in the first place.

Case in point: ESPN’s elevation of Katie Nolan, a sports commentator who previously hosted a podcast, ironically-named Garbage Time, for Fox Sports Radio.

Recent ESPN hire Katie Nolan blasted President Trump with some pretty disparaging remarks on Wednesday night, and her new employer is not happy. While appearing on Viceland’s talk show “Desus and Mero,” the 30-year-old sports talker called POTUS a “f—ing stupid person.”

A rep for the network told Fox News: “We have looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments, they were inappropriate, and we have addressed it with her.”
Fox News, 1/6/18

ESPN should not have had to address anything of that nature with Nolan, but that’s what happens when you hire undisciplined children to do a professional’s job.

ESPN is a journalistic organization – not a political organization. We should do nothing to undermine that position. ESPN’s focus is sports. By-and-large we are not experts on politics, healthcare policies, terrorism, commerce – that’s not what we do.

Our audience is not looking for our opinions on the general news of the day.
Kevin Merida, Senior Vice President, Editor in Chief of The Undefeated

Obviously Katie Nolan must have decided that directive didn’t apply to her.

While ESPN has optioned to publicly (and politically correctly) defend the actions of their employee, we all know the ramifications would be much more harsh had Nolan said something similar against former president Barack Obama, and she certainly wouldn’t have said that he was a “fucking stupid person” while flanked by a couple of bruthas.

Nolan’s relatively thin body of work (prior to this controversy, have YOU heard of her?) displays why she was hired; not for her sports acumen where she questions the intelligence of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady who has more on-and-off the field accomplishments than Nolan could even imagine.

The whole notion of “professionalism” has been diminished by the juvenile Barstool Sports mentality, T&A is a constant source of giggles, ignorance is excused, and the elevation of an under-qualified, former bartender, selfie-loving, alchie (as evidenced by numerous pics of her consuming adult beverages) who met someone’s objective definition of “cute” gave this narcissist the impression that anything goes. And give her the leeway to interject partisan politics with sports ignorance and you see why the employment cycle will always be in flux.