When Gangsta’ Rap, SlutWalk, #FDT Democrats Were AGAINST Deviancy

There was a time when the wife of a United States senator led a crusade against what she deemed deviancy in the entertainment industry, specifically the music business. Tipper Gore, wife of Senator Al Gore (D-Tennessee) and one of the “Washington Wives” whose “Parents Music Resource Center” pet project led an all-out assault on such vile music acts like Prince, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, John Denver and Van Halen.

The very people who now facilitate the #Slutwalk, teach masturbation to children, publicly use profanity on the taxpayer dime, promote “pride” parades complete with performances that can’t be aired on broadcast television (yet), defend rap and pop music that promotes gangsta violence and degrading imagery of ratchet women….

If I could find some way constitutionally to do away with it, I would.
Senator Fritz Hollings (D-SC), 9/19/85

Then again, making things they don’t agree with go away has always been in their playbook, until those things define who they are and have always been.

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