Stephanopoulos ‘Cuts’ Away from Trump Attorney Impeachment Response

The media would have us all believe they’re approaching the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump with fairness and takes their duty to inform the American people with impartiality.

However, thanks to the beauty (and perils) of live television, the public got that rare glimpse of a media that chose sides long ago and are presenting the formalities with premeditated bias.

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos is well aware of the impeachment process as he was “senior advisor on policy and strategy” during the Clinton administration, thus is also well aware of what the public should know vice what could be potentially damaging.

The problem is fewer are devoting time to be misled….

The 20 percent dip in daytime viewership may be the best indicator that Trump’s impeachment won’t be must-see TV in its remaining week or so.
New York Magazine, 1/23/20

It’s like watching the Olympics on taped delay: who really wants to watch a sporting event where the final score is already known?

Let’s be real; few expect President Trump to get a fair shake from the liberal media but these professionals should at least try to contain their bias and attempt to portray some modicum of equal coverage.

At least for a few seconds if possible….

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