‘Russian Collusion’ Provides Cover for a Treasonous FBI-CIA-DOJ Coup D’état

Why has the Democrat-media and their left been on the offensive#Resistance against Donald Trump ever since he won the Republican nomination, the presidency and ever since? Yes, it’s because they can’t accept the fact someone they didn’t authorize won the hearts and minds of Americans they failed to dissuade.

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The ‘Foreign Agents Registration Act’ Only Applies to Democrat Enemies

Call it yet the latest example of the taxpayer-funded steamroller, called our Just Us Department: a steamroller that can ruin lives during investigations that increase federal prosecutor profiles on their way up the chain. We’re witnessing in real time an underbelly of our government that would’ve been sight unseen had Hillary Clinton won the presidency: the push to enforce the unregistered foreign agent law that many well-connected are even bothered with.

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VENT: When the Left Issues Demands, the Right Should Respond ‘FAHQ’

You know, there comes a time when you just throw up your hands and say “Enough is enough” and if you don’t like it, too fuckng bad.

Democrats, the left in academia and entertainment, the workplace and almost every other area in which we all must share equal space has dictated how we must think, how we should speak and everything has to be on their terms or face their wrath. They’ll troll your social media accounts, accost you in the street or outside your home and we’re just supposed to take it because THEY say so?

Fuck that.

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WaPo: ‘Right Wing’ is Violence Rising; Mutes Routine Left Wing Mayhem

It’s called bias-by-omission for a reason and the left is really good at it. For too many, if they didn’t see or hear about it on their favorite news source (New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Democracy Now!, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), it didn’t happen, so it’s understandable common sense can be challenged.

Over the past decade, attackers motivated by right-wing political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other acts of violence, far more than any other category of domestic extremist, according to a Washington Post analysis of data on global terrorism. While the data show a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups, violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency — and has surged since President Trump took office.
Washington Post, 11/25/18

A “a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups”… really?

Maybe this is where the left can play word games to further their intentional deception by using the operative word “groups”, implying organized violence as opposed to a lone Bernie supporter who tried to kill federal lawmakers and their staffs.

BTW — That insignificant incident was afforded two sentences in paragraph 22.

Among the most deadly left-wing attacks were the 2016 killings of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge by gunmen sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the most prominent was last year’s attack on Republican members of a congressional baseball team, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.). The gunman, James Hodgkinson, had raged against Trump online and was a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

There were a few more “assassinations” of police officers and sheriffs all over the country following President Obama’s anti-law enforcement rhetoric after the deaths of young black men; too many of whom would be alive today had they been home at a decent hour and not out committing crime. Yes, that’s judgmental and also a reason why millions of black men over the age of 50 are still alive today.

While the Washington Post will have too many believing that political violence is all the rage on the right, even some liberal news outlets had to allow a more accurate depiction be printed.

You need not cross the shining seas to experience violence, destruction of property and a general dismantling of liberal values from the political left. You could simply visit America’s elite college campuses like Yale or Middlebury or Berkeley, where tomorrow’s leaders attempt to shut down conservative voices with protest or riots. At Middlebury, rioting students landed liberal professor Allison Stanger in a neck brace for the crime of defending a conservative academic’s right to speak. At Berkeley, mobs of students created a “war zone” ahead of a planned visit from conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, injuring Trump supporters and causing $100,000 in damages.

Or head to Portland, Ore., one of the most liberal cities in the nation in the heart of the progressive Pacific Northwest, which this month Politico labeled “America’s Most Politically Violent City.” The progressive paradise — where Republicans are virtually an extinct species — has witnessed millions in damages attributed to the same types of anti-fascists-in-name-only that kept Hamburg residents paralyzed in fear this month. A “counter-protest” to a planned pro-Trump rally landed 14 antifa in jail for attacking the police with explosives and bricks.

Witness the blood-soaked congressional baseball field in Alexandria, Va., site of the June attack on U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and other Republicans batting up for their annual bipartisan game. James Hodgkinson, a “fervent supporter of progressive politics,” showed up to the field with a rifle, a handgun and a hit list of Republicans. As Scalise fought for his life, MSNBC host Joy Reid felt conflicted: The attempted assassination was a “delicate thing” because of Scalise’s conservative views like opposition to gay marriage. “Are we required in a moral sense to put that aside in the moment?” she wondered. Yes, Joy, you are. The shooting of a mainstream, congressional Republican leader is reprehensible, and in no way justifiable.
Chicago Tribune, 7/18/17

This is not to say there are no troublemakers on the right. There are, but way too many times they are the small in number and rather insignificant.

But it’s also helpful to accept a pattern.

These small and insignificant “right wing” groups (that many Republicans and conservatives have never heard of, until…) plan a protest. The left hears about it, mobilizes hundreds to counterprotest via social media, the alleged right wing group mobilizes hundreds in response and we have a Charlottesville where people are injured, killed… and it’s blamed on the right. Had the tree fallen with no liberal to hear it, think of all the dollars saved and lives spared.

When the left organizes a protest, business owners routinely board up their storefronts as routine preparation. A massive law enforcement presence is mobilized. You see people in blue safety vests with large white “ACLU” letters reminding those with ill intent whom to see once they get arrested. Large areas are reserved for the detention of agitators.

While the right protests for free speech, the left uses words that imply a pending outcome of violence. They defy common rules of decency with displays of vulgarity to inflame “both sides”.


For too many in the national news media, riots in primarily black neighborhoods make for great television and at least one old fart media pundit erroneously labeled the well-known, mostly white #Antifa an “African American organization” and has yet to issue a mea culpa, let alone an on-air correction.

Probably because their masks and clothing are black. It couldn’t be anything else, right?

The left is triggered into conniptions when anyone dares compare the violence on the right and left. President Trump was vilified for a few news cycles after the death of a Charlottesville protester when he condemned “both sides” while anyone with an Internet connection can find far more examples of massive protests in metropolitan areas, the intentional disruption of uninvolved commuters, and the millions of taxpayer dollars it always takes during and after left wing demonstration that almost always take that violent “mostly peaceful” turn.

It’s past the point when the media tells us to look one way, it’s best to look the other.

And let’s not forget how the left and their media poo-poo the numerous hate hoaxes meant to fraudulently blame the right for continuing liberal dementia.

But it’s also best to remember what liberal leadership thinks of their own and we see why the Washington Post’s bullshit has a stink that will stick long before it’s stepped in.

Deep Thinking: Did You Know That Donald Trump is OUR Fault?

We get email alerts, as annoying as most are, and some inspire commentary.

One such example is from a group called “The Trump Impeachment” and they sent a link to the following post by Joseph “Murfster35” Murphy.

You wanna blame somebody for Trump? Blame his supporters. Seriously.

The sole reason that Trump says what he says, and does what he does, is because his truest, most base supporters continue to give him positive reinforcement for his words and actions His supporters love his antics, he behaves the way that they do after their fifth round at Casey’s on a Friday night. And better yet, they get the vicarious thrill of not having their wife make them sleep on the sofa when he says or does something that they’d like to do themselves. How many times have we all read articles and comments wondering on Trump’s complete lack of civility and shame. What nobody ever seems to comment on is the complete lack of civility and shame in his backers.

“The complete lack of civility and shame in his backers”…?

Sorry but Republicans and/or conservatives didn’t immediately take to the streets on Election Night with chants and signs of “Not my president” in a direct middle finger to the winning candidate and those who voted for him.

Republicans and/or conservatives didn’t commit acts of traffic disruption and property damage on Inauguration Day and then have the nerve to dictate everyone else observe a brand of “civility” that they alone would define. They obtained permits, required minimal anticipated law enforcement presence, and always left their area of gathering cleaner than when they arrived.

Unlike liberals.


Republicans and/or conservatives didn’t commit acts of violence against congressmen, senators and their staff on baseball fields or their backyards, let alone be instructed by a Republican member of Congress to stalk and harass administration officials where they eat or live.

What nobody on the left ever seems to comment on is the complete lack of civility and shame of Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ backers.

And they’re full of shit to boot.

As observed many times over the years, when liberals are backed into an intellectual corner, their primary retort is that of personal insults while ignoring the sexist things they do and racist shit they say.

All the way back during the campaign, and ever since, when Trump’s most loyal acolytes are interviewed, they freely admit that they know that the wall will never be built, they just love chanting the slogan as a communal thing. They know he can’t deliver on what he promises, but they love him anyway, because he gives them license to show their true fears and bigotry. And besides, Trump has already delivered on his most basic campaign promise, he is demolishing the entire political and administrative structure of the government. Never forget, all of the racism and xenophobia aside, that is what they sent him there to do. And they’re thrilled.

Democrats knew achieving their pet “single-payer” project would never make it through the legislative process without direct deception to the American people, and thanks to the cover of a complicit media, the lies were blown off, and Obamacare became law fleecing millions of dollars directly from taxpayer wallets. Democrats openly gloat after-the-fact when they successfully dupe the American people and get what they want.

Democrats have also successfully pitted one group against those they prefer. Whether it’s black versus white, men and women over others, Christians versus Muslims, illegal aliens over citizens, liberals have fostered more division for political currency the general public will never be allowed to cash in. Police are ambushed and murdered, citizens are beaten in the streets when responding to progressive protests and the left is thrilled.

And he’s using them to kill our political process too. People keep gnashing their teeth about the GOP doing nothing to rein Trump in. Ever watch a politician? They govern with one wet finger sticking up in the air, looking for which way the wind is blowing. And right now, the GOP trade winds are blowing in a Trumperly direction. The old joke is true, the word politics is derived from two ancient Greek words, poly, meaning ‘many’, and tics, meaning ‘many small, bloodsucking insects.’ The days of honor and constitutional oaths are gone in the GOP, do you really think that Carlos Curbelo wants to go back to being just another common slob in January?

As Rush Limbaugh has mused, Democrats only contesting elections THEY lose after the polls close and conveniently finding votes to push their candidate over the top is killing the political process as they are casting partisan doubt on the political process. Their traditional short-sightedness with calling for an end to the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote will only last until they lose a presidential election via that process. Then we all know they’ll be the first to laud the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in the creation of the Electoral College; a wisdom Hillary Clinton now calls an “anachronism”.

And when it comes to Constitutional oaths, we need only look to the partisan malfeasance on the many Circuit Court benches where rulings are not a result of following rule-of-law precedent but by a Constitution they believe evolves according to progressive desires.

It should be fun to watch the freshman class on Capitol Hill attempt to wrench power from those who’ve held it, in some cases, before some of these freshmen were born. While they avoided going back to “being just another common slob”, they’ve created mechanisms that enrich themselves personally and it will interesting to see how quickly and easily the progressive passionate can be bought.

This is why the investigations that the new Democratic controlled House will undertake starting in January are so important. And why they must be so surgically precise. Exposing Trump’s lies and personal greed won’t do any good. Trump’s supporters won’t care, and everybody else already suspected that stuff. The investigations must be geared to exposing acts and practices that actually affect everyday Americans. There is nothing you can say that is going to turn a Trombie from the “true faith,” the goal must be the same as 2018, ignite passive voters to rise up to protect their own self interests, not the thrill of watching a Three Stooges episode on the 6 o’clock news every night.

Overturning an election result liberal Democrats didn’t like IS the objective. Imposing subsequent revenge on those who voted for Donald Trump will be sweet for them. Covering the interference by federal agencies and their employees must be covered up because the objective is more important that the Pandora’s Box that they may be susceptible to in the future. How many lives are destroyed along the way is of little consequence to those who demand we care for others.

They arrogantly expect everyone to think and vote like them. Many admit they don’t know or frequent places where their political opposition inhabit. That’s because Republicans and/or conservatives tend to be more respectful in public places and not feel entitled and empowered to force their political views on others. Republicans and/or conservatives don’t believe they have a right to shout down opposition and silence the other side simply because they don’t want to hear it.

Because the general election of 2020 is only 711 days away. Forget the Trumpaholics, they’re lost souls. If Trump is defeated in 2020, there will be no political detox for these people, they will simply slither back into whatever dark hole they came from, imply because they didn’t care about the politics, or the process, only their own amusement.


True, we won’t take to the streets, jump on and damage police cars, break the windows of businesses in our path, set automobiles on fire. We’ll be pissed but we won’t physically take it out on Democrats.

At least, for now.

Democrats have destroyed the American tradition of civil public discourse and self-defense is now a matter of interpretation.

We now know what the GOP ceiling in national elections in the era of Trump is. It’s 46%, that’s what Trump got in 2016, and that’s what the national Republicans got in 20178. And the only way that they can win in 2020 is if only 45.9% of us show up. It’s our job for the next 711 days to use every tool in our box to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

The 2018 midterm election tactic of finding votes was a dry run for the 2020 presidential matchup.

If the Democrat wins, it will be an accepted decision by the American people. If President Trump wins reelection, the vote will be contested, some ballots will be found and some will be misplaced or destroyed and there will be disruption in the streets, walkouts in the schools… and it will all be our fault.

Sharyl Attkisson’s GoFundMe: Self-Serving or Public Service?

By Bob Parks

Every since Barack Obama took his last walk out of the White House, the media’s love affair with his eight years continues to this day. They even ran with his assertion that all was unicorns and rainbows during his two terms.

We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,” Obama said. Sure, there were occasional mistakes and screw-ups, “but there wasn’t anything venal in eight years.

As in too many instances, when the American people are screwed over by the political or media elites, that’s too bad. But when THEY get screwed over, it becomes an all-hands-on-deck emergency we’re all expected to drop everything and rush to their aid… with our debit cards.

We, the undersigned, ask that you contribute today to this pro bono GoFundMe effort to help five time Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson finance her landmark lawsuit against the Department of Justice for the spying on her computers after she reported honestly but negatively about the federal government and the past presidential administration.

Excuse me, but “pro bono GoFundMe” makes no sense. Does that mean those “undersigned” are giving of their oh-so valuable time and reputations without requiring a cut?

While this fundraising appeal by Attkisson on Attkisson’s “behalf” appears to be an altruistic defense of the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable searches and seizures) and hostile federal government entities from intimidating journalists whose reporting they deem inconvenient at the least, there also appears to be a far more self-serving motivation going here.

Sharyl’s case is perfect for a GoFundMe account, but she felt uncomfortable about setting one up for herself. So we, the undersigned, have stepped in to help her, with all proceeds going directly to Sharyl for her lawsuit.

If you look at the names of the so-called conservative signatories that have endorsed Attkisson’s GoFundMe, you’ll see a snob circle of the very people who attempted to derail Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and disenfranchise the millions of Americans who voted for him in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

These unelected #NeverTrump conservative “leaders” instruct us on how, when and why we’re to remain loyal and support President Trump to this day, despite damage done that they’ve NEVER publicly apologized for.

They look down on conservatives and if they don’t bring up their blatant interference, it’s as if they were on the Trump train from Day One, or at least they’d have us all believe.

One spoke out publicly against Donald Trump at CPAC 2016.

Jenny Beth Martin has managed to infiltrate the Trump circle as the “leader” of a Tea Party she didn’t create, lives large off of and also fundraises off of the president to this day.

After Donald Trump won the Commonwealth of Virginia primary, one of these alleged Attkisson supporters worked with Senator Ted Cruz nationwide to steal Trump’s well-earned delegates for the purposes or creating planned havoc at the Republican Convention in Cleveland and hopefully steal the party’s presidential nomination to install Cruz as our party’s candidate.

Had Ted Cruz obtained the Republican presidential nomination, IF he could’ve survived the Hillary/media blitzkrieg and win the presidency, there’s a very good chance Cuccinelli might have been his attorney general. Cuccinelli has been floundering for relevance in the conservative movement since and now, here he is again.

Aside from their initial #Anti-Trump revulsion and interference, what do most of these people have in common?

They run conservative nonprofits that depend on donations, not only from seven-figure contributors, but from small money donors to whom they need to appear as important. So they’ve found an issue (government oppression on the media) and a sympathetic victim (Sharyl Attkisson) that they can latch onto and include this timely campaign in their fundraising solicitations. They are also those who now pompously tell us all to support President Trump and why, like they were with him from the very moment he came down the elevator at Trump Tower.

Let’s not also forget that Obama’s oppression of the media was nothing new and isolated to Attkisson.

What will be very interesting, going forward, is the discovery in Attkisson’s lawsuit. It would also be interesting to know why Attkisson felt it necessary to obtain the endorsement of some of these #NeverTrump, elitist conservatives for a fundraising boost.

Surveilling and harassing national journalists is not something done at a rogue lower level. It had to be approved on up. Just how high will be the most interesting revelation of an administration that we’re told was a pure as the driven snow.

Fundraising off of the intrusion of one is shameful, yet not a surprise because without us and our donations to keep them living comfortably, the world would keep spinning and most of them and their ‘efforts’ wouldn’t be missed.

Then and Now: Maxine Waters Sung a Very Different Tune on Impeachment

By Bob Parks

Rep. Maxine Waters describes herself as being on the “front line” in the desire of many Democrats to forcibly reverse the results of a presidential election and impeach the President of the United States; for yet-to-be-determined “high crimes and misdemeanors” and her personally-defined threshold of Donald Trump’s not being fit to lead.

Listen to the words of Congresswoman Waters in 1998 during the Bill Clinton impeachment hearings where she was quite worried about the collateral damage done to others swept into the progress, the fact the charges were relatively vague and not what could be officially determined to be “high crimes”.

If one were to substitute her references to “Clinton” with “Trump”, her arguments against impeachment dance in the realm of hypocrisy.

Listen to all of the things Rep. Waters cared about in 1998: the “hatred”, the “American soldiers”, “partisan impeachment”, the “American public”, “private lives opened up” and “destroyed”, “the people’s House”, a “coup d’etat”, “extremists”, “rule of law”, “trumped-up charges”….

However, today Waters apparently cares little about the financial ruin of General Michael Flynn and others at the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Waters apparently cares little about the possible removal of a “populist president” who has managed to produce bonafide results for the American people despite the resistance of the normal slow-motion process of fat-and-happy federal politicians and employees who’ve produced nothing but a lethargic mechanism that taxpayers are forced to support.

Waters apparently cares little about the American people who voted for Donald Trump and believes she can overturn the results of an election just because she doesn’t like his personality and methods.

This is (again) about Democrat power and Auntie Maxine’s quest for popularity and relevance. Just take a look at the stock market since the Democrats retook the House. It’s not pretty, but the welfare of the American people has always been a low priority when it comes to people like Rep. Waters. It’s always been about Maxine first.

Just look at the ongoing state of decline of Waters’ districts since she was first elected in 1990; a district today she’s had no desire to live in for many years.

Consistent LOSSES! Cruz Millennials Should NOT Be Running GOP Campaigns

Look at the Democrats and how they run political campaigns. They seldom make unforced errors based on repeating mistakes from years ago. They are focused, targeted, and experienced. Unlike those allegedly on our side.

Too many uninformed conservatives (who have the ear of our candidates because they donate to them) believe millennials should be running our campaigns because they have ‘less responsibilities’ and can devote more time to what has to be done on the ground. Not sure where that wisdom came from but it’s too bad the consistent bad results aren’t the massive red flag they should be.


Greg Bannon ran for United States Senate in North Carolina and lost.
Roy Moore ran for United States Senate in Alabama and lost.
Chris McDaniel ran for United States Senate in Mississippi and lost.
Corey Stewart ran for Governor and United States Senate and lost.
Paul Nehlen ran for United States Congress in Wisconsin and lost.

Now what do you think these candidates all have in common?

Arrogance, condescension and a group of North Carolina political operative millennials whose only real accomplishments are separating Republicans from their wallets.

Campaign millennials locate marks, demand and are paid top dollar despite actual accomplishments.

I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy. I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best… cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better.
James Harrison, former Pro Bowl linebacker

That’s assuming they really tried their best. Sadly, the “participation trophy” mentality has infected Republican politics.

Moore’s campaign paid two companies more than $730,000, according to Federal Election Commission records. It paid another $130,000 in total to a GOP consultant and another firm that lists his home in D.C. as its mailing address.
Daily Beast, 2/28/18

These companies, despite a record of achievement, has successfully gotten a stranglehold in Virginia Republican politics and maybe even got Corey Stewart to part with a generous lump sum from a previously, well-earned warchest to feed the millennial losers.

Another Cruzer who sucked money out of Stewart’s campaign was a so-called “social media marketing” company with a very unremarkable website. Again, despite a prior track record of success, it (he?) was paid consistently.

Corey Stewart ran Donald Trump’s Virginia apparatus so we all know where he’s coming from. With that, why would he become associated with ANYONE associated with the very same Ted Cruz campaign that tried to steal Trump delegates in Virginia?

In August, U.S. Army veteran Spence Rogers sold his house in Tampa, Florida and bought an RV, and set off with his wife and three children for a cross-country adventure. Rogers, his family and the RV ended up in Iowa — a state he had never before visited — and instead of sightseeing, he signed on to be Cruz’s deputy director for Iowa.
CBS News, 1/15/16

Sorry, who does that to their family?

Prior to Stewart’s gubernatorial run, Bob personally sat down with Corey. It ended with him saying he wanted Bob to work on his campaign. However in a subsequent phone call, Rogers didn’t seem to want him on the campaign, said he already had people shooting video with their “tablets” and iphones, and the directive of the candidate was never observed. The pattern of condescension from self-important millennials, despite an ROI of accomplishment is a cancer conservatives need to starting purging.

Stewart’s campaign was managed by Spence Rogers whose outfit, Grow To Win, collected $73,600 for his services. The Stewart campaign used Rick Shaftan’s Atlantic Media and Research for their TV and radio buys, spending $217,631 in the losing effort.
Bearing Drift, 6/8/18

Why is this important? Again, the level of documented unprofessional behavior without favorable results.

Stephen Lonegan aide Rick Shaftan was fired after an explicit tirade to Talking Points Memo about Mr Booker’s unwillingness to ‘take advantage of the perks of office’ during interaction the Newark mayor had with a vegan from Oregon, concluding he tweets like ‘a gay guy.’
Daily Mail, 10/12/13

Granted, Shaftan is older but has set the bad example and should have never been considered for races of monumental importance.

Fritsch made a series of controversial social media posts that drew negative attention to Stewart’s campaign. Another Stewart campaign aide, Rick Shaftan, has a history of social media posts that includes calling the NAACP a “more violent” version of the KKK and saying only a “fool” would start a business in a black neighborhood.
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/17/18

Why anyone who supported Ted Cruz, especially when he and Ken Cuccinelli were trying to steal Donald Trump’s well-earned delegates, would be hired by staunch Trump conservative candidates is beyond logic.

And too many of the people absorbed into their campaigns in paid positions are more about flaunting themselves and instead of updating supporters on the state of the campaigns, are more about posting Facebook live videos of themselves going from one event to another and producing amateurish vertical videos for what are, in some cases, multi-million dollar national campaigns.

We’ve since had negative dealings with some of these people and we’d hope that any Virginia Republican in the future really take a look at their track record before cutting checks to any of these rude, condescending punks. Did we say we had negative dealings with some of them?

In sports, any team in rebuilding mode seeks personnel with a winning record. Very, very few teams hire coaches who can’t point to recent winning accomplishments, but in the world of politics our candidates are given poor advice as to who to hire and end up with consistent losers at the helm.

Here’s yet ANOTHER example.

Joe Arpaio ran for United States Congress in Arizona and lost.


How often do you see Democrat campaign “consultants” make it all about them during the campaign?


It could be argued that had these “Team Arpaio” consultants spent more time promoting the candidate instead of themselves, the outcome may have been different.

Many of us remember, before places of employment were transformed into millennial safe spaces, a time when younger workers would sit and listen during conservations in the workplace. It was because older employees were experienced and the youngsters thus had little of value to offer that conversation. But today, we’re told to value them despite their lack of experience and the results permeate throughout society, including our political campaigns.

Like so many other examples we’ve documented, until conservative Republicans learn to vet those they elevate and pay, we’ll continue to look the fool after losing another winnable election cycle.

As one millennial posted above, “rich people are often stupid. As an indicator valuable.” – and there’s no shortage of millennials who are clamouring to take their money.

Let’s stop losing important elections that affect our daily lives and freeze out political predator opportunists.

Arrogant #NeverTrumpers May Have Cost 2018 Republicans The House

After every contentious presidential primary, we’re always told to rally around the frontrunner. Many of us had to hold our noses whether in recent years our remaining option was a Bob Dole, a John McCain or a Mitt Romney. Many of us knew they didn’t have what it took to stave off a liberal media onslaught, but we did what the party bosses demanded and look what it got us.

In 2016, we finally had a candidate in Donald J. Trump who made neutering a hostile media his first priority but because he wasn’t of the pedigree unelected conservatives approved of, they decided to not only denigrate Trump but also the millions of Americans who supported him. Their vocal opposition, in some cases, continued on until Election Day 2016 and we’ll never know how many popular votes weren’t cast for him as a result.

In 2018, we hear there were record turnouts for the midterm election but some Republicans who were supposed to win, lost. How many races were lost because sore-loser #NeverTrumpers stayed home or voted for Democrats?

Mary Beth Hunt: I voted in 2016 but was unable to vote for either Trump or Clinton. In the midterms, I will vote for Democratic candidates for House, Senate, and governor. I’m holding my nose to do it, but I hope there are enough like-minded people to check Trump’s power. I fear we are watching the demise of our democracy, and desperate times call for desperate measures!

Richard Wright: I am a former lifelong Republican (became independent after Trump’s nomination), a Burkean conservative reader of National Review and Commentary, and Ross, along with David Brooks, are two of my current ideological guideposts. I have already mailed in my [Florida] ballot in which I did exactly as Ross proposed: Dem for the House, Rep for the Senate, and a write in of Jeb Bush for Gov. since Gillum is too far to the left and Desantis is too much a Trump sycophant.

Eric Morgan: It was with a clothespin upon nose and a very heavy heart that I pulled the lever for Hillary in 2016. So, I count myself among the Never Trumpers who has taken the previously inconceivable action of voting for not only a Democrat but one of the most deeply flawed candidates in my lifetime. Here is the good news — I live in Utah and will vote for Mitt Romney who has shown the courage to speak out against the most flawed President since Nixon. I hope he doesn’t let us down.

Lynn Schmidt: I am a Never Trump former Republican. I live in Missouri where we have Senator McCaskill running against Josh Hawley. Josh is a Trump lackey. I will be voting for and even have donated money to several Democratic campaigns.
New York Times, 10/26/18

#NeverTrumpers did a lot of damage on the way to Election Day 2016 and continue to play narcissistic head games to this day.

I was a Never Trumper in 2016, and I’ve strongly criticized the president countless times since his election. Unless he has a character transplant, I have no intention of voting for him for president in 2020. But I’ll happily vote for Marsha Blackburn over Phil Bredesen.
David French, 7/24/18

With all due respect, but who the fuck elected National Review’s David French or George Will to leadership positions where THEY and others can tell conservatives who and who not to vote for? Some of the very “conservative principles” people who did so much damage are now the ones reminding us of our DUTY to support President Trump and why, not because they had a come-to-Jesus-moment but because their opulent personal incomes and status depends on it.

This is now not bitching about what happened last week, but an attempt to see what damage there may still to be done. You know there’s room for concern when liberals believe there are those on our side that will create internal havoc that will only serve to help Democrats.

Only Never Trumpers can credibly claim to stand against the moral abominations that suffused Trump’s political rise and the first year of his presidency. They alone are conserving a faction on the right that stands against deplorability in the face of a president who remains a cruel, mendacious egomaniac. They alone can credibly claim to oppose racial demagoguery.
The Atlantic, 12/27/18

Despite the fact President Trump is doing more for Americans than the last few presidents combined, #NeverTrump Cruzers are no better than that spoiled punk who took his marbles and went home after losing. The problem is they’re not only taking out their aggression on President Trump but every candidate down-ballot, as well as conservatives and Republicans who got off their asses and went to the polls.

Hundreds of thousands of #NeverTrumpers supported Ted Cruz and refused to support the eventual Republican nominee. These are the very same people who’ll demand we all come together and support a future nominee they see unwavering virtue in.

I wonder what rationale they’ve instruct us to respect when it comes to decorum after the primary ends and it’s time to come together?

Hillary Dems’ First Act of Punishment: H.R. 1 to Restrict Free Speech

Let’s be real from the onset: liberal Democrats are not as angry with Donald Trump as they are with the American voters who put him in office as well as the system that brought about a presidential election defeat that drove them to tears and more. The Electoral College “anachronism” that they hailed in 2008 (the ONLY reason Bill Clinton was elected twice) is now a serious problem Democrats will mess with soon enough….

But as evidenced by their tactics starting with #BlackLivesMatter, disruption of the lives of the American people was a direct act of punishment. The election of President Trump inspired the Democrat-sanctioned Indivisible #resistance that sought to push back against a public official they didn’t vote for and punish the American people to this day. We see their punishment with the introduction of everything anti-Trump in our classrooms, cable news and media reporting, primetime television plotlines, late night so-called comedy shows, music and more.

Now that Democrats have some Capitol Hill power, they can start exacting their punishment against those who dared vote against them.

Democrats will take control of the U.S. House in January with big items topping their legislative to-do list: Remove obstacles to voting, close loopholes in government ethics law and reduce the influence of political money. Party leaders say the first legislative vote in the House will come on H.R. 1, a magnum opus of provisions that Democrats believe will strengthen U.S. democratic institutions and traditions.

The bill would establish automatic voter registration and reinvigorate the Voting Rights Act, crippled by a Supreme Court decision in 2013. It would take away redistricting power from state legislatures and give it to independent commissions.

Other provisions would overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which declared political spending is First Amendment free speech; they would mandate more disclosure of outside money and establish a public financing match for small contributions.
NPR, 11/12/18

We see how elections in the United States are now conducted.

When Democrats win by the end of Election Day, the results are a “will of the people” sanctioned and accepted done deal. When Republicans win, we must “count every vote” past Election Day until enough DEMOCRAT votes can be “found” and the Democrat wins. While the left will laugh at this, there are enough recent examples of only Democrats winning after losing to see there is funny business going on.

More insidious is the Democrat desire to enable more vehicles to make finding votes when needed by controlling the mechanisms: circumventing state control of their districting and reinterpreting what is free speech. When it comes to Hillary’s “Citizens United” hemorrhoid that’s never healed, Democrats argue that entities are not people and can’t advocate for-or-against candidates… however they’ll never touch the unions that to that very thing and more for them every election cycle, not make one video Hillary didn’t like.

Thankfully, H.R. 1 won’t make it past the Senate and if it did, would be vetoed by President Trump but it’s always nice to know what the other side’s true motivations are.

The only silver lining is salivating Democrats will overreach. They always do when they get a taste of that all-consuming power and their success today will be something they’ll be in hysterical panic-mode at undoing when it comes back to bite them.

And why so much emphasis on Hillary?

Because she’s always needed a path cleared to make things easier for her political aspirations. Creating more voters, Democrats controlling districts and dictating what can or cannot be said about her ever… now why would that be a Democrat priority with the next political cycle being the 2020 presidential election?