Communist China’s Reliable Useful Idiots: The American Left and Media

Those of us who remember the days and weeks after the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States also remember how quickly the American people joined together as a people; politics was set aside and we were united. But things were about to change….

When bin Laden was taunting America with grainy videos, Facebook was still three years away from its launch (2004), and Twitter would not come along for two more (2006).
The Atlantic, 8/11/14

Now that anybody can voice an opinion (informed or not) and have it transmitted to millions in seconds, this technology can be exploited and it’s even easier if you have help. During a time of crisis, one would hope those who have influence could show due caution to make sure their words and deeds can’t be used against our country in the same manner immortalized by “Hanoi Jane” Fonda.

Here in America, the Democrats along with corporate media eagerly buy China’s lies surrounding the nascence of the worldwide pandemic, the propaganda blaming America, the stories of Chinese benevolence, and the efficiency of Chinese methods in getting control of the virus at home. They are actively supporting China’s version of the truth. China has every reason to believe they will continue to do so.
American Thinker, 4/2/20

Unfortunately during the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Communist Chinese not only have a media outlet to spread their “We’re not responsible” propaganda but have been able to find ample useful idiot Americans to bolster their case by use of a politically correct club they know disarms inconvenient speech: racism.

China’s nationalistic tabloid the Global Times has relied on a crew of foreigners help keep its English-language paper and website running since it started publishing in English in April 2009. There are currently around twenty foreign editors working with the Global Times who are referred to as “foreign experts,” a clichéd nickname for any foreigner working with Chinese state media. They do everything from assigning stories to reporting to copy editing—as long as the coverage is not about politics.
Quartz, 8/9/16

Of course not.

Buck-passing, lying, inciting hate crimes with racist remarks. All aim to hide his delayed response to COVID-19. Netizens use hashtag #TrumpPandemic on Twitter to express dissatisfaction with the US president’s botched handling of the pandemic.
环球时报 Global Times, 3/23/20

It shouldn’t be this easy for an antagonist to be able to divide and conquer but when you have an American left and media who hates the president and his supporters more than a proven enemy, how much easier can it be made for China?

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