Hydroxychloroquine: How Many Need Stay Sick to Prove Trump Wrong?

It’s sad to think had President Trump told millions of Americans NOT try hydroxychoroquine, Democrats and their media would predictably condemn him as being “dangerous” and pushing “notvetted BS”… just like they’re still doing today just because they’d choose us all to suffer instead of having to admit he may have been right all along.

Hang in there, Chris. Only 201 days until the election.

Meanwhile, the currently unaffected in the liberal media are also trying to hold out as long as possible.

Many doctors have been prescribing hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients, despite no conclusive evidence of its success.
USA Today, 4/10/20

Obviously, they’re NOT looking very hard.

American Thoracic Society endorses anti-malarial drug treatment for coronavirus patients
Las Vegas hospital blazes own path with malaria drug to treat COVID-19
This Coronavirus Patient Dodged A Bullet With Hydroxychloroquine. Harbinger Or Outlier?
New Jersey loosens restrictions on hydroxychloroquine for use in nursing homes
Doctor was already treating patients with Trump’s ‘gift from God’ drug – before FDA approval
Hydroxychloroquine used to treat COVID-19 patients at Bayonne Medical Center
Wax Backs Up Pennacchio in Case for Hydroxychloroquine
Australia Plans To Roll Out The Use of Two Existing Medications After Patients Have Successfully Recovered in Secret Trials
Laguna Doctor Claims Success Treating Coronavirus Patients
Actor Daniel Dae Kim credits ‘secret weapon’ for COVID-19 recovery
Fox News medical correspondent claims hydroxychloroquine cured his 96-year-old father of coronavirus
CT doctors: Some success with drug for coronavirus patients

And the list goes on.

Of course, almost every news account touting hydroxychloroquine success includes the caveat that it’s not a “proven” cure to Coronavirus; probably to placate outraged liberals in the newsroom and the community. But how many people need get sick and maybe die just because others see political victory in opposing anything President Trump is for. French doctor Didier Raoult’s assertion that nothing cheap and available will stop those seeking to create THE vaccine for Nobel Prize consideration and all the funding dollars a nomination (let alone victory) brings is an ugly reality.

So, how long can CNN’s Chris Cuomo hold out before he says “fuck it” and takes hydroxychloroquine because the potential of dying is not worth the suffering just so Brian Stelter and the Democrat left can stick it to the man on the run up to the 2020 presidential election?

The clock is ticking….

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