#LockdownRevolt, #Liberate – The American People Have Had Enough!

The very politicians and media who are mandating United States citizens remain sequestered while businesses (thus jobs and incomes) flounder, do so because they are not inconvenienced by an end to their incomes. We all know if a stagnant economy affected their paychecks, there would be dire urgency.

After all of the violence spawned by the 2016 election result by butthurt Democrats, the very people advocating abortion-on-demand despite the #lockdown are now concerned about people being killed.

Hollywood Lashes Out at Trump for Calls to ‘Liberate’ MI, MN, VA : ‘He Is Going to Get More People Killed’

The people have had enough of the imposed lockdowns since the only Constitutional rationale being offered by Democrat and RINO state politicians is “Because I say so.”

Trump Encourages Protest Against Governors Who Have Imposed Virus Restrictions
Protests are popping up across the US over stay-at-home restrictions
More protests planned against Gov. Whitmer’s stay at home order
Four Michigan Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Governor’s Totalitarian Orders
Texas Opts for Liberty, While Washington State Makes Liberty Illegal
Organizer of New Jersey Anti-Lockdown Rally Charged With Violating Lockdown
Groups protesting Virginia’s lockdown say orders violate their rights
Protests reportedly planned in KC against Kansas, Missouri stay-at-home orders
“Let Us Work:” Texans Gather in Front of Governor’s Mansion to Protest Lockdown
State Rep. to Join Anti-Lockdown Protest In Front of Maine Governor Mansion
Protest planned Sunday in Olympia as pushback grows against stay-at-home orders
Some Orange County Residents Defy Stay-at-home Orders With Protests in Huntington Beach, San Clemente
Hoosiers against stay-at-home order to protest outside governor’s residence
Arizona’s stay-at-home order a target of planned protests
‘LIBERATE!’: San Diego protests planned against stay-at-home orders
US groups to protest Wisconsin’s extended home stay
More than 200 gather in Redmond to protest stay-at-home order
‘Operation Gridlock’ Arrives In Colorado To Challenge Polis’ Stay-At-Home Order
Hundreds rally at Idaho Capitol to protest Gov. Little’s stay-home order
‘An act of survival’? Calls to ‘reopen Pennsylvania’ from coronavirus lockdown are steadily getting louder
Casper Protesters Oppose Social Distancing Measures to Fight COVID-19
Wisconsin ‘Freedom Rally’ Planned After Gov. Tony Evers Extends Coronavirus Lockdown by Extra Month
Trump accused of ‘fomenting domestic rebellion’ by backing anti-lockdown protests

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2020 election, liberal Democrats and their media were perfectly okay with “fomenting domestic rebellion” against the new Republican administration. They affectionately called it “resist” and they do to this day.

The left never had a problem with “liberate” and “fomenting domestic rebellion” while sending their minions to loudly protest at the homes of people they disagreed with. They proudly boasted of running Trump Administration officials out of restaurants and some even applauded those who shot a congressman on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia and beat up a senator in Kentucky. They went out of their way to label those who were “fomenting domestic rebellion” when they took over statehouses for elongated, stinky sit-ins, but as the nation wants to go back to work despite unconstitutional edicts of Democrats, “resist” is now a very bad thing.

Swing-state Democratic governors under duress over stay-at-home orders

The Democrat doomsayers are now predicting (hoping for) “millions” of deaths in the United States should the economy open to early. The sheer nerve of the citizens to defy them…. This despite their previous predictions (based on consistently failed models) all being wrong, we’re now to do as THEY say because THEY say it. And again remember, politicians, federal and state government employees, entertainment and news elites have not had their paychecks and standards of living interrupted by one penny since the initial national #lockdown was implemented so it’s no real skin off their backs.

Texas Lt. Gov Patrick says it’s time for Congress to take a pay cut, show Americans ‘you’re with us’

Fat chance.

It’s all about keeping the Trump economy flattened and doing anything and everything (futility?) to help Joe Biden win in November. Screw the rest of the American people.

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