While Americans Lose Jobs, Pelosi Flaunts Her Paid Time at Home

Since the ramp up of the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States, President Trump has been in and around Washington D.C. almost every day doing his job and remember, he donates his salary to charity.

That can’t be said for the privileged members of the House of Representatives and Senate who seem to believe they’re way too important to assume the risks of COVID-19 contraction, have self-imposed their stay at home, and don’t appear to be in much of a rush to go back to work like the millions of “essential” people who are working and millions of others who’d like to go back to work.

House members, most of whom have been in their districts for all of April as Covid-19 spreads, will not have to travel to Washington before May 4 “absent an emergency,” the Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office said. It added that lawmakers would get “sufficient notice” if they have to travel to Washington to vote on coronavirus legislation.

While Congress has been out of the Capitol, the coronavirus has taken a steeper human and economic toll. U.S. Covid-19 cases now top 560,000, and the disease has been linked to more than 22,800 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.
CNBC, 4/13/20

Some politicians are managing to deal with the shutdown inconvenience as best they can.

As 22 million-plus Americans have lost their jobs, millions of others are resorting to waiting in long lines at food banks while others have no idea when and if they’ll get their next paycheck, members of Congress, the Senate and their staffs are enjoying time at home with their paychecks uninterrupted.

Rubbing it in our faces is not cool.

When it comes to those like Speaker Pelosi who don’t need a taxpayer funded paycheck, a little sensitivity to the plight of her fellow citizens is in order.

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