As Millions Lost Jobs, the #LockDown-Elected Refuse to Cut Their Own Pay

As mentioned here many times before, when bad things happen to Americans, the elected and their media lament for our loss. But when bad things happen to them, it normally takes on a whole new dimension of urgency.

Millions of Americans have lost jobs due to COVID-19 quarantines. Businesses, large and small, were ordered shut and the public was essentially told to stay home and shut up. Personal incomes are zeroing out and the public is now starting to resist the unconstitutional edicts of elected officials who are just as fat and happy as they were a day before the #Lockdown.

A testy Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered blunt advice Wednesday to protesters who reportedly said they hadn’t received their unemployment checks, were quickly running out of money and had to return to work.

“You want to go to work?” Cuomo said. “Go take a job as an essential worker. Do it tomorrow.”
Yahoo News, 4/22/20

They are making sure anyone who receives a government paycheck is justified as “essential” and this appears to be happening from New York to Los Angeles.

Whoops. Looks like the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors didn’t want you to see that video, but that’s why you come here….

Thanks to KFI’s Steve Gregory for asking the question and following up after being soft-shoed.

State and federal employees, if not “reassigned”, are supposedly working from home and their paychecks have not seen any interruption. They are comfortable and can afford the luxury of telling the rest of the American people to stay home, unless they really need to frequent that local food bank.

But if some of these elected gluttons were facing the financial abyss they order their constituents to obey, we all know how quickly those “models” would’ve been doubted and that going back to a paying job would be Item #1 on their agenda. But as long as they can stuff their faces, they’ll continue to tell us all to stuff it, and they’ll all be demanding federal taxpayer monies to shore up their previous fiscal irresponsibility to keep their own checks coming in.

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