CBS News’ Drama Queen Jiang Pushing All the Right Racism, Sexism Buttons

We’re all being subjected to the results of college students circumventing what was the normal process of entering the journalism profession of working up from a local paper and jumping right into the networks and shortly thereafter being assigned high-level positions. We’re also witnessing the result of those television portrayals of bratty children berating their clueless parents in manners that would’ve had most of our father’s back of the hand tingling.

Anyone who watches any news conference involving President Trump hears the punctuation between questions with what reminds us of angry teenage girls on the schoolyard. But now these drama queens are White House correspondents who have no respect for the office of the presidency. Calling them out on it is called sexist. Add “bigotry” to the equation and you have Weijia Jiang, CBS News White House correspondent.

Jiang can issue a #JuicySmallett style accusation of racism against a White House official she refuses to publicly name. She can insinuate President Trump is a racist for labeling a pandemic from it’s well-documented place of origin which happens to be, in this case, China. She can be rude and combative with the President during a news conference and when told to settle down, is defended as a victim of sexism.

The American people, as a whole, are not stupid enough to blame Chinese Americans for the Coronavirus and to say there are “dozens” of examples racist intolerance against them is irresponsible at best and as soon as Democrats decide to lift their unconstitutional #LockDown edicts, many of us will rush to frequent our favorite restaurants and shops.

It remains to be see if Jiang will ever acknowledge that the “damage” has been done to ALL businesses, not just Asian American, and if there was any bigotry it’s been from those in power to all of us that don’t.

This is the new age of so-called journalism where CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, PBS News Hour’s Yamiche Alcindor, CBS News’ Paula Reid, Fox News’ Kristin Fisher and Weijia Jiang are now the White House correspondent equivalent of “The Squad” where all sense of professional decorum has been replaced by the sights and sounds of a teenage girl’s tirade after being told she can’t stay out after 10pm on a school night.

Once theses wimmin decide to act in a professional manner, given their important positions, they will accordingly be treated in return.

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