YouTube Yanks ‘Herd Immunity’ Doctors’ Briefing

At a time when all ideas should be heard, especially be people who specialize in an appropriate filed of expertise, only the arrogant with specious motivations silence those whom they’re told to disagree with.

During this COVID-19 evolution, the one possible solution that makes the most sense (herd immunity) and has the lower possible reward for those seeking attention, awards, and eventual monetary reward is being blown off. Those who bring it up are being scoffed, if not out right dismissed.

Doctors and co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield say it may not be necessary anymore for residents to shelter-in-place. Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu.

Erickson said he believes businesses could reopen and as testing continues, people could starting going back to work. In fact, Erickson suggests that staying at home too long could be even worse for people’s health.

“We understand microbiology, we understand immunology and we want strong immune systems,” Erickson said. “I don’t want to stay in my home and develop a weak immune system and then come out and get a disease.”
23 ABC News, 4/22/20

Shortly after posting the hour-long Q&A presser on YouTube, the video was removed.

We quickly remove flagged content that violate our Community Guidelines, including content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local healthy authority recommended guidance on social distancing that may lead others to act against that guidance. However, content that provides sufficient educational, documentary, scientific or artistic (EDSA) context is allowed — for example, news coverage of this interview with additional context. From the very beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had clear policies against COVID-19 misinformation and are committed to continue providing timely and helpful information at this critical time.
YouTube company spokesperson statement

This is the same YouTube whose “community guidelines” allow for overuse of the words “nigga”, “bitch”, “ho”, “cunt”, “fuck Donald Trump”, soft core pornography, graphic violence and sexuality in “entertainment” industry productions and video games, hate speech from the preferred at the deplorable, and more.

Obviously YouTube’s “guidelines” and “community standards” are arbitrarily enforced depending on the bias (and/or preferences) of the assigned monitor.

Here we have two specialists in their field offering a coherent scientific/medical presentation, devoid of hysterics and sensationalism to intentionally instill fear and conformation. Just because Drs. Erickson and Massihi went against those who have dubious and/or monetary incentives, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard.

Then again, we are talking about the intolerant left, their promoted World Health Organization, who will protect anything that’ll help put a Democrat in the White House, as well as arrogant liberal institutions and agencies who believe they know more, and like YouTube, are ready to impose their will on all of us whenever they want; whether we like it or not.

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