#DefundThePolice – It All Depends on the Color of the Neighborhood…

We’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again.

The elites sanction policies for Americans; policies they find ways to exempt or shield themselves from. For example, they imposed Obamacare on the nation but the very Capitol Hill legislators and staff who wrote it inserted a means so their health care premiums would be largely subsidized by taxpayers. During the COVID-19 #shutdown, federal and local government elected and employees kept their personal paychecks coming in while they ordered businesses closed and employees laid off, losing any and all income.

Now we have the sophistry that is #DefundThePolice. Supposedly this is to stop police brutality in poor, minority communities where crime is rampant. Of course, #DefundThePolice will not be a clarion call in neighborhoods where the special people live….

Maybe social workers should’ve been sent to Northeast DC instead of police. That would surely calm and assure the neighbors.

Police officers around the country are being demoralized in many major metropolitan cities but in an enclave like Beverly Hills, any means necessary (including tear gas) will be used to make sure “mostly peaceful” protesters don’t get anywhere near the homes of the rich and famous.

Despite numerous examples, going back years, of young whites damaging public and private property during protests, professional news outlets have done everything possible to make the violence that routine ensues after a deadly police interaction a black reaction.

Not so in Atlanta after the shooting of Rayshard Brooks….

So, the loser #Antifa-loving wing of the white community has infiltrated and found joy in destroying businesses in the black community while the on-air impressions given to their viewers is that this is exclusively black-on-black destruction. For example on CNN’s YouTube channel, there is no followup offered to their reporting that the person who burned the Wendy’s in Atlanta was a white woman despite the images aired of blacks running in and out of that same restaurant prior to the arson. Why that would be?

Did the woman who started that fire go back to a nice, safe, policed area of town, devoid of a significant population of black people; a neighborhood that welcomes the same police who keeps her home and area safe?

Try asking those Hollywood celebrities who have no problem publicly supporting and participating in “mostly peaceful”… in someone else’s neighborhood.

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