A Black Cop Talks About White #BLM Racists at Portland Protests

The national media has mostly shielded the “mostly peaceful” George Floyd-inspired protesters from the attention they rightfully deserve.

We’ve seen online video of privileged white women shouting at black police officers, asking them why they’re on the force, and declaring they are protesting for them. We’ve seen video of young white males destroying private businesses, toppling statues (some honoring black pioneers) and occupying public streets in neighborhoods far from their own. Seldom is this shown on CNN, MSNBC or any of the nightly local or national newscasts.

KGW 8 in Portland recorded a press availability with Officer Jakhary Jackson of the Portland Police Bureau and this is a perspective of on-the-ground accounts that are obviously counter to the narrative driven on social media about #BlackLivesMatter and the chaos their demonstrations have had on our society.

Those of us who support the police hope that their superiors, elected officials, and media blowhards would stand next to an Officer Jackson and see for themselves what these “mostly peaceful” protests are really all about.

Like that would ever happen….

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