Red Bull CEO Gives the Heave-Ho to the Unprofessional, Rebellious #Woke

With #CancelCulture all the rage, too many businesses employing those who’ve never created anything meaningful in their lives, have succumbed to the #woke politically correct, #BlackLivesMatter minority. They’ve changed brand names, product lines and more just to appease the social media mob; a group that more times than not doesn’t even consume the products they cancel.

We envision a future where liberals and conservatives have separate businesses and it will be fun to observe which succeed, which fail and why. Until then, cancel culture will continue to devour those who succumb to the bullying, putting them at odds with some of their consumers. That is, until a few companies say “not today”. One such company was Goya.

Another company just took the war to the children and spanked hard.

Red Bull has fired two top executives in the US who had lobbied for more diversity in the company and were blamed for the leak of a letter that criticized its ‘public silence’ on Black Lives Matter. North America chief executive Stefan Kozak and North America president and chief marketing officer Amy Taylor were let go, the energy drink company said Tuesday.

While Red Bull employees in the US have been pressing for the company to be more vocal about racism, Red Bull’s billionaire CEO Dietrich Mateschitz is a Donald Trump admirer who has spoken out against ‘political correctness’. The 76-year-old tycoon also owns a media firm which has been criticized for giving a platform to far-right activists in his native Austria.

Sources told Business Insider that Red Bull’s top executives in Austria are thought to have fired Kozak and Taylor in ‘retaliation’ for the leak, although no official reason was given for their departure. The letter signed by more than 300 employees had criticized the company for ‘saying nothing’ amid the global anti-racism protests and ‘abandoning the communities we claim to support and foster in their time of greatest need’.

Both Kozak and Taylor have pushed for more diversity and inclusion but Taylor was ‘met with opposition’ when she called for the company to take a more public stand on racism, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Daily Mail (UK), 7/15/20

According to reports, it was an internal outrage that may have set this all off.

Three weeks later, employees leaked a slide from a February U.S. culture marketing team meeting that depicted a world map meme labeled with racist stereotypes. Florian Klaass, the company’s head of global culture and marketing who was responsible for the offensive slide, was also fired.

One obvious subplot, consistent with what’s going on in the world, is the level of immaturity being display by so-called professionals.

The slide shows a distorted map from the viewpoint of an ignorant US consumer. “America!!! We’re #1!!!” is emblazoned across the United States, while an arrow pointing to the Caribbean says “cruise ships go here.” Canada to the north is labeled “Uninhabited.” Mexico and South America are marked “coffee comes from here I think.”

Across the Atlantic, Europe is labeled “pussies” and Africa is marked “zoo animals come from here.” Farther east, the Middle East is labeled “evil doers” with an arrow pointing to the region saying “bombs go here.”  Russia is “Communists,” while China was labeled “they make our stuff.” Japan has an arrow pointing to it, saying: “TVs and cameras.”

Australia was labeled “kangaroos” and Antarctica was “cold.”  An oblong landmass that could be Greenland or the Arctic Circle is labeled “Santa!”
New York Post, 7/16/20

Stereotypes have always had a basis in inconvenient truth. But let’s also not forget that when the left throws around insults, it’s downplayed and/or defended as a joke or satire.

Hopefully more of these 300 employees are purged as political discrimination is legal and these liberals need get a taste of the medicine they’ve happily poured down the throats of conservatives for decades. We also hope this inspires other CEOs to stand up to the millennial mobs and say “No más” to the petulant children’s shenanigans and demands.

Once these punks spend their own money to start a business, they can be as juvenile as desired and alter the mission for that business any time they please. But if they can’t be grateful they have a job and decide they know how to direct a company’s direction better than the person(s) who created it, they should at least be ready so the door doesn’t hit them on the way out.

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