The Media Smears Trump While Suddenly Defending Gold Star Families

It’s October. The fake Atlantic “losers and suckers” smear is only believed and repeated by the Democrats and their media. Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris’ debate performances have delivered a knockout punch. The Democrats are clearly in panic mode; not specifically about the presidential election but the down-ballot carnage that’s looming show President Trump win by a landslide.

So, it’s time to make something out of anything. President Trump’s COVID-19 treatment may be grounds to remove him via the 25th Amendment and now, out of nowhere, the president is insulting Gold Star Families.

In the interview, Trump told host Maria Bartiromo that he “figured there would be a chance” he would become infected with the coronavirus, citing his meetings with the families of America’s war dead at the White House on Sept. 27. “Sometimes, I’d be in groups of, for instance, Gold Star families. I met with Gold Star families. I didn’t want to cancel that,” he said. “But they all came in, and they all talk about their son and daughter and father. And, you know, they all came up to me, and they tell me a story.”
Politico, 10/8/20

All you have to do is listen to two words of what the president said, “… for instance….” President Trump said he’s met with many groups and gave one example. But most of the media is running with a cut-down version of his explanation making it sound more like he’s blaming that one group and leaving out his admiration for them and their losses.

But the headlines are pretty specific with their implications….

Independent (UK): Trump says Gold Star families could have given him coronavirus
CNN: Trump appears to blame Gold Star families for coronavirus infection
Military Times: Trump suggests he may have contracted coronavirus from Gold Star families
NY Times: Trump Suggests Gold Star Families May Be to Blame for His Infection
Wall Street Journal: Trump Suggests His Covid-19 Infection Came From Gold Star Military Families
Forbes: Trump Suggests He May Have Been Infected With The Coronavirus By Gold Star Families
Washington Post: Trump suggests coronavirus infection came from interaction with Gold Star families
NBC News: Trump points to slain veterans’ families in response to questions about how he caught Covid
The Hill: Trump suggests Gold Star families could have infected him
Vanity Fair: Donald Trump Now Blaming Gold Star Families for Infecting Him With COVID-19
Vox: Trump just did his first TV interview since his Covid-19 diagnosis. It did not go well.

If you listen to a greater portion of the 44-plus minute interview that the media has selectively edited down to slightly over one minute clips (Politico ran with a 1:40 clip), you’ll hear the president also mention that people from “Notre Dame” also visited. They declined to add that to the condemnation hit pieces. Of course, NONE has yet to disclose the names of the three White House journalists who tested positive for Coronavirus.

Funny how that works.

President Trump talks glowingly about the military and veterans at every opportunity. Democrats only talk about the military when they are either disparaging them for an accused war crime or on a campaign stop. Liberals proudly post the number of war dead while we’re in a war and a Republican is in the White House. Veterans are afterthoughts to the left.

Democrats and the media are arrogant, believe they are intellectually superior and those support them are morons. This is why they repeat debunked smears during broadcasts and nationally-televised debates.

The not only see the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency fading by the day but a realization that pro-BLM, anti-police Democrats could get a top-to-bottom election day shellacking. The John Durham investigation could possibly result in former and present top law enforcement officials being frogmarched from their homes and into courtrooms as traitors. The media could be publicly called out as knowing co-conspirators. It’s not looking good for the left.

But it’s only October 8th. We’ve got over three more weeks of desperate acts to come. The beauty will be watching Democrats crying again after throwing everything they have at President Trump and millions of Americans giving them the middle finger they duly deserve.

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