A Trump ‘Staged’ Photo-op Bad; An Obama ‘Staged’ Photo-op is Great!

The art of the photo-op is not new to Washington, D.C. It’s obviously an issue of controversy only when it involves a subject the media collectively doesn’t approve of. When the subject is loved by them, the use of a photo-op to deceive the public is excused as the accepted norm.

Reuters White House photographer Jason Reed describes how the president made his Bin Laden death announcement to a single TV camera, then immediately after finishing, he pretended to speak for the still cameras.

Reed writes:

“As President Obama continued his nine-minute address in front of just one main network camera, the photographers were held outside the room by staff and asked to remain completely silent. Once Obama was off the air, we were escorted in front of that teleprompter and the President then re-enacted the walk-out and first 30 seconds of the statement for us.”

That means the photograph that appeared in many newspapers Monday morning of Obama speaking may have been the staged shot, captured after the president spoke. This type of staging has been going on for decades.
Poynter Institute, 5/4/11

Translation: Nothing to see here.

Obviously today’s media is looking for any reason to criticize President Trump, conveniently forgetting their job is to report the news; not incite or provide their personal opinions on it. This was hardly the case in watching at least two media broadcasts where opinions, if not veiled insults, were issued to the public when he returned to the White House after treatment at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the coronavirus.

And CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is the LAST person to express outrage at the cavalier use of masks in the  White House….

The hypocrisy is so old.

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