Law School 1.01: Don’t Piss Off the Judge – Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

As we’re not privy to the prosecution’s strategy that may include conduct that could force Judge Bruce Schroeder (the longest-serving circuit court judge in Wisconsin) to declare a mistrial so Kyle Rittenhouse could be tried again, begging the question if you fucked things up so badly the first time, why you’d want a second crack at it; a strategy would Schroeder see coming and thereby guide the trial to go to jury, but he’s clearly not happy with the antics of Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger.

We’re not attorneys but we assume it a given that it’s never a good idea to piss off the judge.

Between prosecutorial drama or possible jury intimidation….

The judge also informs the attorneys that a deputy observed someone taking video of the jury as they arrived. The deputy made the person delete the video. “I’ve been assured the officers had the video that was taken deleted. New measures are being taken to make sure that does not reoccur,” judge tells jury when they arrive in the courtroom.
Racine Journal Times, 11/9/21

However this trial ends, be ready for the media law experts to ramp up their interpretations of the verdict and pray for the communities that will be impacted nationwide by those who wreaked havoc on the nation a little over a year ago and are still walking the streets free today.

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