Joy Villa: ‘Black Conservative’ Opportunist Ho-ax

There’s a couple of dynamics within the conservative movement: if some people didn’t see it on Fox News, it didn’t happen and if a black person claims to be a Republican, he or she is blindly embraced and celebrated as the new “it”.

The problem is some of these people are opportunists of questionable substance and are eventually outed as the frauds they always were.

When we first saw Joy Villa pose at the Grammy Awards with the rather gaudy Trump gown, the first thing that went through our heads was who is she and is this another attempt to suck in gullible, bleeding heart white conservatives who want to appear to laud anyone black and conservative?

Has Joy Villa always been a Republican and/or conservative all along or does her past (not reported by Fox News) betray her as a hustler aimed at the “stupid” right?

Yes, Joy Villa really agreed, “Yes, Trump supporters really are that stupid. Lol”

Joy Villa Makes $100,000 After Wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ Grammy Dress

Joy was smart enough (now that she’s getting a lot of attention) to start scrubbing her inconvenient past.

While Joy Villa enjoys newfound fame at the targeted expense of Trump supporters, she does have an appreciation of music.

Like what she heard and enjoyed while chillin’ with Occupy Seattle….

Joy Villa couldn’t make in Seattle or Los Angeles.

While she has way-too-many Republicans believing she supported and voted for Donald Trump and endured the liberal backlash with her head held high, her social media activity on Election Day implies she did not.

I was in Europe and all I saw were bad news, headlines, the media really attacking him. I thought I’m kind of confused. So I came to the U.S. and I started researching what he’s been saying for the last 30 years. It’s the same thing. I said this guy’s not a politician. He has a stable economy himself. He’s a family man; he’s a professional businessman. He’s successful in everything he does. For him to be president would only mean success. So I cast my ballot, and I voted for him. And I’m really glad I did.
Breitbart, 3/6/17

Sorry, the dates and her supposed actions don’t add up.

Yeah, she voted for Donald Trump. Take her word for it.

What’s really sad is that Joy Villa will enjoy even more popularity because the clueless conservatives will again see her on Fox News.

Joy is also fundraising off veterans….

Villa clearly had an issue with Donald Trump’s position on illegal immigration.

Her previous Grammy outfits didn’t set her apart from the rest; neither did her other outfit. While many deserving of support have a resume of activism and paper trail, this appears to be representative of Joy Villa’s body of work.

Joy Villa is Stacey Dash 2.0. Maybe she’ll get a speaking gig next year at CPAC or a big space on the couch of #Outnumbered. Her music sales went through the roof, there’s a buzz about a movie and in the end, it’s all about what WE can do for Joy.


If Joy was so proud of her past, how come she’s scrubbed her Twitter feed back to a few days after the Grammy Awards even though her account dates back to August 2009?

How many suckers on the right will continue to fall for the Joy Villa hustle?

Just how many suckers on the right are there…?

No “UltraFan” yet, then again, it’s early.

UPDATE: Joy Villa has been rewarded yet again for her opportunistic support for President Trump.

Just wow.

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