CDC’s Walenski: ‘We Know That People Who Are Dying From This Vacc—‘

It’s been a given with her emerged profile as CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky was and still is not the most media savvy. At a time when millions are guided to make medical decisions, messages are important.

During an appearance on PBS NewsHour, Walenski made what could be considered a slip of the tongue… a very telling one.

While many people are choosing to make medical decisions that best suit them and their families, despite the bullying from government and media doctor wannabes, to have the director of the Centers for Disease Control make such a gaffe that only codifies the concerns of those smeared as “anti-vaxx” is huge.

Especially if Dr. Walenski knows something she’s not telling millions of people who are voluntarily taking something that could be very bad for them.


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