Study on Mask Litter (again) Proves Liberals Are Superspreader Pigs

We’ve see pictures from reports when liberals congregate. Whether we’re talking their protest rallies, raves, and even presidential inaugurations on public grounds: they throw their trash everywhere except the provided receptacles, and that’s the most desirable outcome.

From the onset of the COVID-19 mask mandates, mostly implemented by power-tripping progressives, we’ve seen the expected result. Masks strewn on sidewalks, streets, an/or anywhere they can be discarded without the inconvenience of having to either carry it home or find a trash can.

However, it’s now become a health and environmental emergency….

As Laura’s pointed out numerous times, these soiled masks should be also considered bio-hazards as the collection of COVID-19 on either side of the mask is a potential health hazard.

A study from the University of Portsmouth found mask litter increased by 9,000% in the first seven months of the pandemic and could have led to further spread of the virus. During their study, researchers discovered two million littered masks were collected across 11 counties. A government spokeswoman said it is “vital” waste is correctly disposed of. Researchers from the university believe the plastic pollution caused by face mask litter could last hundreds of years.

Professor Steve Fletcher, from the University of Portsmouth, said: “Without better disposal practices, an environmental disaster is looming.”

The university is now calling on the government to create new policies for enforcing waste disposal.
BBC, 9/11/21

Turns out she’s backed by the science.

It’s telling this study was conducted in the UK and not (yet) in the United States.

Imagine telling those who like to get in our faces to pick up their mask trash; many of whom who’ve had problems to this day cleaning their own room. Just ask mom. And now we’ll again see how far their sense of environmental and health justice goes against their inner pig instincts where it’s easier to just toss their fluids anywhere because someone else will pick it up.

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