Thin-Skinned Fauci Whines About ‘Ambushes’ Liberals Joyfully Conducted

For the last few years of the Trump Administration, liberal Democrats gleefully denied his officials the ability to dine in restaurants, Republican senators and congressmen were accosted in public settings by left wing activists, armed with cellphone cameras, and were rudely asked questions meant to invoke viral social media gotcha “kill shot” moments.

News outlets like CNN were more than willing to share those moments with their audience. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, let the pitiful whining begin.

This time from Dr. Anthony Fauci; an unelected federal official whose very words can lead to national mask mandates he and other progressive elites selectively observe, shutdowns, and other policies that negatively affect hundreds of millions of America on a whim. When suggested the same tactics used by liberals be used against him, cue the violins.

Well, we went in another direction….

And it got even more scary.

This is a systematic attempt by the leadership of Fox News to target not only the science, not only to discredit vaccines, but to put a target on the back of scientists — prominent U.S. scientists. And it’s not only Fox News. This is coming from all of the major conservative news outlets … and it’s coming from members of the United States Congress, who say things to incite violence against scientists.

Oh, really…?

It’s coming from the conservative news outlets. It’s coming from a group of contrarian intellectuals from far-right-wing think tanks. This is a coordinated effort as part of an authoritarian attempt to discredit science, discredit scientists. And it’s a very scary time for a number of us.
Dr. Peter Hotez on CNN

Let’s not forget on several occasions, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters made direct threats of violence against President Trump and called for increased bullying of Trump officials in public places. A Republican congressman was shot at a baseball practice by a Bernie Sanders supporter, a Republican senator was attacked and beaten by a rabid Democrat on his own lawn, and protesters shouted with bullhorns in front of cabinet members’ homes. To date, NO Democrat elected or official has been physically attacked by a conservative, that is if you don’t count the January 6 drama that was peaceful until left wing agitators and Deep State law enforcement informants and instigators arrived at the Capitol.

This is not to say rudeness is encouraged, but when it’s okay to humiliate government officials one day (free speech), it should also be considered fair game to confront Democrat taxpayer-funded officials and ask questions a biased media will not.

That goes for mini-tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci whose NIH salary reached $434,312.00 in 2020.

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