Cringe Cringle Christmas: Jill Biden and the Singing Nurses

For an administration that’s as woke as they come, the Biden White House invoked its inner-milquetoast Lawrence Welk and with the assistance of taxpayer-subsidized PBS, produced a cringe-worthy, over-produced lip-synced segment that will be referred to for years to come and for all the wrong reasons.

Those dancing nurses at the White House work for Northwell Health, who fired 1,400 nurses for defying the jab. Those 1,400 also worked last year during the pandemic. What a degrading thing to do, in the face of lost jobs which were just as important as these clowns!
usProudArmyBrat, 9/23/21

Thank Joe and Jill while you try getting that visual and musical rendition out of your head….

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