The Left Says We Can’t Just ‘Round Them All Up’. Let’s Give It A Shot!

Originally published in The American Thinker

As we’re nowhere close to having an accurate estimate on how many illegal aliens have invaded the United States simply because they wanted to come here, there’s no telling what the scope of the problem will be after the next Republican assumes the White House. Obviously, there’s only one to date who’s made a concerted and effective effort to address the scourge, let’s dump this on Donald Trump.

The left said then and is saying it now: “We just can’t round them all up….”

Says who?

Maybe, we should give it a shot.

After all, despite the altruistic (and phony) overtures liberal make regarding illegals, like “sanctuary cities” and states, their true colors are often shown for all the world to see when the uninvited show up on their doorsteps. (see Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, Chicago, etc.)

No one specifically voted to allow our border to be opened to the world. No legislation was sincerely offered or passed by the Congress and/or Senate. It was a unilateral executive order Joe Biden signed two weeks into his presidency at the behest of activists and probably the First Lady in charge (you know, “happy wife…”). For the most part, Americans didn’t want more illegal aliens then and sure a hell don’t want them here now, but a Democrat has created another problem a Republican has to clean up.

For starters, the 14th Amendment needs to be repealed because we definitely don’t need millions of new anchor babies. Democrats accused Republicans of fear-mongering and pushing misinformation regarding the “Great Replacement Theory” where “imported” illegals would be eventually made citizens where they would be expected to vote Democrat and permanently change the electorate, thus country. Well, like most so-called conspiracy theories, this one is turning out to be true.

The 14th Amendment was initially introduced and passed by Republicans to redress slavery and make the offspring of slaves citizens to make it easier for them to assimilate into American society. Those offspring have been dead and gone for decade and the United States is one of the few (if not only) countries where a child of foreign nationals is granted citizenship in the country where he or she was born. The “anchor baby” magnet has long needed to be taken off the table. No time like the present.

And as far as “rounding them all up” because of the sheer numbers we’re now talking about, it’s not like illegal aliens will be hard to find. As of this writing, illegals are sleeping in the streets of many major metropolitan cities. The suburbs will be next. The pushback in urban communities is picking up. The latest crop of illegal aliens are not hard to find at all.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 makes in a civil violation to enter the country illegally, so the convenient use of “refugee” status should be suspended until this invasion is stopped and reversed. ICE and the Border Patrol should be empowered to immediately deport any illegal caught and given recent experience, the faux outrage and calls for compassion will be minimal.

The media will take any opportunity to call the appropriate removals inhumane. Screw them. None of them will sponsor an illegal of unvetted origin, so their bombast will also be easy to ignore.

But the United States is truly at a turning point. The Republican Party should be put on notice.

Biden opened the border to assure future elections will be more decisive for the Democrat Party. How better to achieve this than create millions of new loyal Democrats who will obliterate any possibility of a close election. The only thing Republicans need do is remove as many millions of the uninvited as possible.

Just round them up.

How hard is that?

Some are already waiting at the airport.

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