Pro-Abortion Activists Never Gave a Damn About the ‘Marginalized’

Given the left’s tendencies at easy-to-recite phrases and slogans, the most reason being issued for their opposition to abortion rules being sent back for the states to determine are specious at best.

People of color and other marginalized, low-income people will be most affected by an overturning of landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade, health and policy experts said after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion was published by Politico Monday. About half of U.S. states, concentrated in the South, Midwest and Plains, have restrictive abortion laws set to go into effect should the reversal take place. Experts say those who disproportionately have trouble accessing health care, often people of color, will be most impacted.

More than half of the nation’s Black population lives in the South, where women of color make up a significant proportion.
USA Today, 5/3/22

Given what the nation witnessed with the destruction of black neighborhoods during the 2020 George Floyd protests (of which many white liberals willfully participated in), it’s hard to believe anyone on the left who claims to care about “people of color”, especially when it comes to the topic of abortion….

For years, the left has made of point of protecting the “right” of black women to abort their children and with a dose of irony purely dependent on political ignorance, Planned Parenthood shares their concern.

Given the legacy of race and racism in the United States, the reproductive health challenges and opportunities that the nation faces are similar but often exacerbated for the Black community. They affect the community in very specific and unique ways.
Planned Parenthood

No “thank you” is forthcoming from the sane.

As evidenced by the near-uniformity of media coverage, a lot of people on the left are concerned that the killing black babies may be slowed.

PBS: Black and Hispanic people have the most to lose if Roe is overturned
ABC News: With abortion in jeopardy, minority women have most to lose
Fortune: As Oklahoma and Idaho enact abortion restrictions, Black women will suffer the most
CNN: ‘White supremacist law’: How restrictive abortion legislation targets Black and brown women
SF Chronicle: Black women saw Roe’s end ‘a long time ago,’ as right-wingers peddled racial myths

In the age of eye-of-the-beholder misinformation, “racial myths” are only as valid as those who actually take the time to read up on the original intent of the abortion movement in the United States.

The abortion industry wasn’t created to provide affordable health care to women. It was created, Planned Parenthood specifically, to eradicate black people from American society. The pro-abortion left lionizes Margaret Sanger to this day despite the majority of the blithering idiots, protesting in from of the Supreme Court, not being able to tell you who she was and/or what she ultimately wanted.

Almost everything in this country deemed racist originated in the Democrat Party. Abortion is no different and shame on all those who support it.

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