‘Far-Right Violence’: CNN Gaslights the Nation (Again)

On occasion during Donald Trump rallies, his supporters break into a “CNN sucks” chant. Aside from their biased reporting, numbers back the mantra.

In April, CNN shed -43% in total primetime viewers, -54% from the primetime demo, -34% in total day viewers and -43% in total day adults 25-54 vs. March 2022. Despite the double-digit-percent decline, CNN still is finishing April 2022 among basic cable’s top ten in total day, both in total viewers (No. 4) and among adults 25-54 (No. 8). How about in primetime? The story wasn’t quite as positive. CNN ranks No. 13 in April 2022 among total viewers, and No. 15 in the primetime demo.
TV Newser, 4/26/22

For some reason once people get jobs in the entertainment industry, they not only immediately assume they are smarter than their audience, but also the American people are really stupid. It reflects in their programming from Honey Boo Boo to the Trailer Park Boys. The news media in so different whether it comes by way of Mika Brzezinski’s public declaration that it’s the job of the media to tell people what to think, or the latest example from CNN where their viewers are expected to abandon common sense because their anchors and reporters told them to.

Mockery being one of the easiest tactics to infuriate an information-challenged liberal, Tucker Carlson’s money lines sum up what we’re dealing with here and what CNN expects the nation to swallow.

The real threat, CNN informed us this morning, comes not from people who are angry about Sam Alito’s opinion, but from people who are happy about it. So, the ones who are celebrating what Sam Alito wrote are the ones who are the real danger to the Supreme Court.

Remember, CNN employees believe their audience is stupid….

Law enforcement sources tell CNN the real threat here is the far right. The far-right? Fences are going up outside the Supreme Court because the far-right poses a threat. The far-right is the one you have to watch out for. They’re the ones whose electronic communications you’ve got to ” monitor closely.” And that makes sense. Now that Roe v. Wade may be going away, these people are going to want to bomb as many abortion clinics as they can and hurt as many Supreme Court justices as possible. After all, the Supreme Court may get rid of a law that they have hated for 50 years. So, you can see why they would be moved to violence against the Supreme Court.
Tucker Carlson, 5/6/22

With the benefit of few their viewers volunteering to attend Tea Party and/or Trump rallies, CNN felt safe smearing Republicans and conservatives as routinely violent when during the run-up to the infiltrated January 6 riot, no right-wing gathering resulted in any kind of violence (that is, until the left-wing arrived to disrupt). Almost every leftist gathering results in violence of some kind, including vandalism, rioting, arson, assaults, murders, and rape (see: the Occupy movement).

Now, our first response to this was to laugh. It seems too absurd to be real. How dumb do they think we are?

CNN’s long term objective is to promote the Democrat Party, their elected officials and destroy anyone who opposes them and their agenda. Their arrogant assumption is that their viewers accept everything their employees tell them, no matter how ridiculous.

Obviously, you have to say more crazy shit to be noticed when fewer and fewer people are listening.


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