Local News Irrelevance: KOB 4 Albuquerque’s ‘Pronoun’ Segment

There was a time when we watched local news (out of a lack of options) and they actually reported news of value, as well as gave us a hint of what the weekend weather might be. Nowadays, around ten minutes after the top of the hour, they let us know what’s trending on social media.

More times than not, local news offers community fluff segments and their weather predictions are worthless unless they’re talking about tomorrow.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they are now part of the woke apparatus and it’s at least one local affiliate’s mission to tell their viewers how to greet each other with the assistance of a “expert” who even sounds like your stereotypical, annoying millennial….

Navigating proper pronoun usage in the workplace can be tough but being aware of it can be essential to maintaining respect between you and your co-workers.
Local HR expert Heather Talamante joined Colton Shone to discuss this on KOB 4 Mornings.
KOB 4 Tweet, 7/20/22

This is yet another informative tool many employers can use when it comes to who they should and should never hire. Is making a successful product the imperative or is giving distracted employees, who decide their personal gender preference is more important and can find a sappy HR expert to heal hurt feelings, the power to disrupt said business?

There well may soon come a time where these young people may find themselves in their parent’s basements again because no business that wants to be profitable will hire them and their woke baggage.

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