Representative Matt Gaetz Calls Out Fat, Ugly Pro-Abortion Protesters

I guess we all know what the first topic on The View will be Monday morning and the crew will probably be selective when panning the audience.

Representative Matt Gaetz set the legacy and social medias ablaze after making rather observant and technically accurate statements about some of those who’ve been publicly protesting the Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs. Wade….

Anyone with eyes and who’s seen the video and pictures know Gaetz didn’t hurl conspiracy theories. Many of those protesting and screaming fit his rather blunt description.

A few examples are below and don’t be surprised, because of Gaetz’s comments and the backlash, if pictures such as these are conveniently purged from the Internet and sensitive photojournalists going forward only take pictures of the more attractive protesters.

The horror (of such a description coming from someone other than a raunchy standup comic) is as expected.

Gaetz says pro-choice women who ‘look like a thumb’ don’t need to worry about getting pregnant
Gaetz: Women Who ‘Look Like A Thumb’ Shouldn’t Gripe About Abortion Rights
Gaetz says “women who look like a thumb” shouldn’t complain about abortion rights
Gaetz to abortion rights protesters: ‘Nobody wants to impregnate you’
Gaetz: Women Who Support Abortion Rights Are Too Ugly to Need Them
Matt Gaetz lobs sexist attack on pro-choice activists
Gaetz on abortion rights protesters: “Nobody wants to impregnate you.”
Gaetz says women who ‘look like a thumb’ shouldn’t worry about abortion access in misogynistic speech
Gaetz Mocks Abortion Rights Supporters’ Appearance

There’d probably be a lot more but most journalists don’t do weekends sober.

Put this in that “What everyone is thinking but are too scared to say” category. And this isn’t an observation that only covers pro-abortion protesters. The same could be said about some of those who participate in the “Slutwalk” protests.

At least the left is consistent and Gaetz, while maybe not needing to be as provocative, won’t be sued for slander. I’m sure he won’t be devastated if less attractive, overweight women will shun and refuse to consider his as a potential date for the rest of his life.

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