Drugged Up? Biden Sets Record for Fewest Eye Blinks by a Politician

The world knows there are issues with Joe Biden: physical, mental, ethical, verbal, etc.

But one of the freakiest examples happened when the COVID-quarantined president was recorded giving remarks to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement executives annual conference in Las Vegas….

Depending where on the Internet you look, the fewest eye blinks ever vary with one example being 24 minutes to an hour.

During Biden’s 11 minute speech, he blinked a total of 41 times (or an average of less than three blinks a minute). On two occasions, Biden went 107 and 59 seconds without blinking. I actually took the time to stopwatch the longer durations….

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It would appear the “40” and “42 seconds” being referred to by media lazies is from a cut-down video posted by the White House on Twitter, because we all know that’s where they get their potential content for public dissemination.

This is NOT normal and it the president has to be drugged up in order to keep his eyes open and speak, we’re in more trouble as a nation that anyone is letting on.

Note: I actually blinked and missed one of Biden’s early on, so the video’s count is off by one.

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