Philly Wawa ‘Youths’, ‘Teenage Mob’, ‘Young People’… Are Niggaz

While watching local news in Los Angeles, it was routine for hit-and-run reports to withhold the identity of apprehended drivers if they had Latino names and questionable immigration status. It was considered that nefarious tendency towards racial “profiling”. Today, when you see or hear any reports of smash-and-grab and/or flash mob theft and despite the clear visuals, the perpetrators are described as “young people”, “juveniles”, or a “teenage mob” because to say anything else might incur the rage of social media social justice warriors.

Such happened in Philadelphia….

Watch rampaging youths ransack Philadelphia Wawa, twerk on counter
Officials: Chaos erupts at Mayfair Wawa as large group of teens create disturbance
Viral video appears to show mob of teenagers robbing a Wawa
Video: Northeast Philly Wawa Ransacked by Group of ‘100 Juveniles’
Wawa Store Ransacked by Dozens of Juveniles in Philadelphia

It would be generous to identify these youths, teens, mob, and juveniles as black people.

These are niggaz.

It’s bad enough, especially today with how badly government policies are negatively affecting the nation, that black people are automatically identified as Democrats. Now, law-abiding black people are associated with the niggaz seen almost every day on social media and cable news. Blame irresponsible parents (or lack thereof), activists and liberal district attorneys who’ve basically announced on megaphones that criminal behavior by blacks will go relatively unpunished.

THIS is what you get.

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  1. Al Bienenfeld

    I grew up in Philadelphia. My parents were poor Jewish immigrants, Holocaust Survivors. With incredibly hard work they became rich. However before we were rich we were poor. On the way up the ladder there were a couple of retail stores to pay the bills until my father’s real estate/ construction business took off. The blacks community really had it in for the Jews. I blame Farrakhan, Reverend Jesse and Reverend Al. These people were as far from the Lord as Stalin and Hitler. In fact Farrakhan praised Hitler as a great man. The other two used similar disparaging terms. We had to close the second small store we had in the Germantown section of Philadelphia after the second armed robbery. A black man with a gun held up my mother and then broke a liquor bottle over her head. I still remember the black kids coming into the store and calling us dirty Jews. Same thing in school in Philadelphia. These people are what Thomas Sowell refers to as the black sub-culture. It is amazing to me that a society that can produce such exceptional people as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams(deceased) Larry Elder, and Doctor Benjamin Carson can be so backward.


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