Mob-esque Braggadocio from The Big Guy: ‘No one fucks with a Biden’

It was supposed to be the customary presidential comfort photo-op after a natural disaster and it turned into what could have been a scene from a low budget mob movie.

President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic dropping an F-bomb in a seemingly-lighthearted conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy during his Wednesday visit to Florida to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian. 
Business Insider, 10/5/22

Again playing that very tired what-if game, you can imagine how batshit crazy the legacy media would be had a President Donald Trump said something similar personalized to his family. The main question would probably be, just what did he mean by that?

At least Don Corleone was a bad ass in his younger days and used the typical tactics to amass wealth and power. He didn’t need to say “No one fucks with a Corleone”. It was a given.

Joe Biden is a feeble old man who has trouble walking up stairs and wants to come off as all big and bad, but based on what? He’s been in government for over half a century, dodged any opportunity to serve in harms-way five times, an old woman could kick his ass, and the only muscle he has is a federal law enforcement infrastructure that stands between him and anyone who’d throw a shoe at him for all the damage he’s personally inflicted on the nation.

“No one fucks with a Biden”, puh-leez.


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