Damage, Crime: How Unvetted ‘Refugees’, Illegals Thank Americans

For as punishment is to the evil act, so is reward to a good act. Now no evil deed is unpunished, by God the just judge. Therefore no good deed is unrewarded, and so every good deed merits some good.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Anyone who’s lived in a border state has seen the pattern over the years. Illegals, who we’re told come to America in search of a better life, routinely trash the place they call their new home. Whether we’re now talking about unvetted Afghan “refugees” or Joe Biden’s vindictive and intentional deluge of illegal aliens pouring into the country…

… there’s one thing that remains a constant: they are ungrateful for the opportunity given them at American taxpayer expense.

Nearly a ton of taxpayer-provided food gets tossed in the trash every day at a massive Manhattan hotel being used to house migrants — because they’d rather secretly cook their own meals on dangerous hot plates, a whistleblowing worker has revealed. Disturbing photos show garbage bags full of sandwiches and bagels awaiting disposal at the four-star Row NYC hotel near Times Square, where the city pays a daily rate as high as $500 per room, hotel employee Felipe Rodriguez told The Post.

Other images show a hotel room littered with empty beer cans and bottles following a wild World Cup viewing party in November, Rodriguez said.
New York Post, 1/10/23

Despite the impression probably given to illegals by nonprofits and the media that the post-Donald Trump United States government wants them here, millions of Americans with negative experience do not.

More than half of Americans say there’s an “invasion” at the southern border, according to a new NPR/Ipsos poll, part of a broader decline in support for immigrants overall. The poll also found that large numbers of Americans hold a variety of misconceptions about immigrants — greatly exaggerating their role in smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S., and how likely they are to use public benefits, for example — as false and misleading claims about immigration gain traction.
NPR, 8/1/8/22

National Public Radio can gaslight and call them “misconceptions” but reality is another thing and it’s in plain view for all to see.

The nearly 50,000 Afghans whom President Joe Biden’s administration housed on five United States military bases for months through 2021 and early 2022 cost taxpayers almost $189 million in damages to the facilities, a federal report reveals.

Afghan nationals housed at Fort McCoy cost the Army more than $140 million in damages and another $4.6 million in consumables according to findings released by the Department of Defense inspector general.

Those housed at eight military bases in the six states cost the bases $362.63 million in depleted resources and damages to facilities. This included $257.48 million in damages to base facilities, making some buildings and infrastructure unusable for U.S. troops, and over $105 million in equipment and replaceable consumable items used, and weakening military readiness. Afghan-related damages totaled more than $150 million at U.S. bases in Germany, more than $3 million in bases in Spain and Germany and over $20 million at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.
Wisconsin Right Now, 1/14/23

While we have an unknown amount of homeless veterans who’d gladly accept and respect a night off the street in a nice room, the American people will be given the bill to house, clothe, feed, and give cash to the unvetted who either hopped an evacuation flight or ran the border, just to have them treat the forced generosity with huge middle fingers; a list of demands pending. Not to mention the risks this latest crop of “refugees” pose to the very public who had no say in whether or not these people should’ve been unconditionally allowed to jump the immigration process and be released into our neighborhoods.

The surging number of Afghans relocating to the U.S. has coincided with reports of alleged sex crimes perpetrated by Afghan migrants on American soil, raising concerns about whether Afghan migrants are being properly vetted.
NBC Montana, 10/23/21

When it comes to the illegals flooding in on a daily basis since Biden became president and undid all Trump accomplished, the numbers are a stark contrast and speak for themselves.

It’s unclear how this will all end, but drastic measures will have to be taken and the screeches of “inhumane treatment” from the left will be resounding. But unless it’s acknowledged that the “Great Replacement Theory” was not proof of conservative racism but an actual, and implemented, political plan to vastly bloat the Democrat voting base for generations to come, the plague of dependence and criminality has yet to be fully felt by the American people.

Who knows, “rounding them all up” for mass deportation may be something a majority will be all-in on on an expedited basis.

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