Trump Indictment Should Lead to Biden Post-Presidency Equal Treatment

They went and did it.

Donald Trump indicted on more than 30 counts related to business fraud
Donald Trump indicted in hush money probe
Donald Trump indicted; expected to surrender early next week
Trump Likely to Be Arraigned on Tuesday
Trump is indicted in N.Y. Here’s what it means and what happens next.
Trump to face criminal charges, sending US into uncharted waters
Trump indicted, becoming first ex-president charged with a crime
Trump ‘won’t take plea deal’ as he heads to NY to be booked on 30+ counts
After indictment, Trump will play the victim – and the tactic will work for many Republicans

There was also some of the standard raw stupidity on display…

According to, a cardinal principal of the justice system in the United States is that any person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.
Fox News, 3/31/23

In 2009, I observed the following example of political irony….

If anything, the word “hypocrite” should be part of the proposed legislation’s name.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said Wednesday he would support changing state law to allow him to appoint an interim successor to Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat while a special election is held. The succession law was changed in 2004, when Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., became his party’s presidential nominee and Republican Mitt Romney was the state’s governor. Before the change, the governor would have appointed a replacement to serve until the next general election.

Guess who was behind that…?

What Mr. Kennedy doesn’t volunteer is that he orchestrated the 2004 succession law revision that now requires a special election, and for similarly partisan reasons. John Kerry, the other Senator from the state, was running for President in 2004, and Mr. Kennedy wanted the law changed so the Republican Governor at the time, Mitt Romney, could not name Mr. Kerry’s replacement.

“Prodded by a personal appeal from Senator Edward M. Kennedy,” reported the Boston Globe in 2004, “Democratic legislative leaders have agreed to take up a stalled bill creating a special election process to replace U.S. Senator John F. Kerry if he wins the presidency.”

Now that the state has a Democratic Governor, Mr. Kennedy wants to revert to gubernatorial appointments.

Democrats have that chronic bad habit of being blinded by hate and so-wanting to damage Republicans today, they fail to see how it could come back and bite them tomorrow.

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The indictment of former President Donald Trump has created that potential again.

Justice Department ‘is irritated by Manhattan DA’s indictment of Donald Trump because they believe hush money charges are weak and could damage more serious Georgia electoral fraud and January 6 probes’

Unlike charges against Trump that were rejected by more level-headed investigators while also falling well after appropriate Statue of Limitations, Joe Biden’s financial gains via his son Hunter’s shady business dealings come with real, current receipts.

Joe Biden is listed as an ‘accomplice’ in six alleged white collar crimes in an explosive 634-page report on the contents of Hunter’s laptop by a right wing transparency organization, obtained exclusively by The incendiary report by nonprofit Marco Polo, a right-wing transparency group, details accusations of 459 crimes allegedly committed by Hunter including prostitution offenses, distribution and possession of drugs, defrauding government agencies, illegal foreign lobbying and money laundering.

The report – published by founder Garrett Ziegler, a 26-year-old former Trump White House aide – claims that Joe is complicit in tax evasion, violations of the Presidential Records Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), and using nonpublic information from a government job for financial gain. The six incidents involving Joe listed in the report span from June 2010 to December 2016.
Daily Mail, 10/24/22

And that doesn’t even include the numerous violations regarding mishandling of classified documents that keep being found here and there.

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the Democratic chairman of the Intelligence Committee, chided the Biden administration Wednesday for the lack of information being shared about classified documents that were found at the homes of current and former presidents.

“This is where the Biden administration gets an absolute failing grade,” Warner said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.” “Their position is outrageous.”
NBC News, 3/29/23

The only thing stalling investigations to date is the current United States Attorney General Merrick Garland, who’ll run cover for the Bidens until Joe’s term is up. Once he’s out of the Oval Office, there are numerous city and attorney generals who will have a very easy time putting together a strong case for indictment.

Biden White House mum on Trump indictment
‘No. I’m not going to talk about the Trump indictment’: Biden refuses to comment on hush money case

Of course, the left will be whining about how petty and vindictive Republicans would be to indict a former president. For the first time ever, Democrats opened that door and we’ll see who decides to walk on in….

Every local prosecutor in the country will now feel that he or she has free rein to criminally investigate and prosecute presidents after they leave office. Democrats currently cheering the charges against Mr. Trump may feel differently if — or when — a Democrat, perhaps even President Biden, ends up on the receiving end of a similar effort by any of the thousands of prosecutors elected to local office, eager to make a name for themselves by prosecuting a former president of the United States.
NY Times, 4/1/23

Yes, it is second grade to point and say “They did it first!” But they did and when it comes to being petty and vindictive, Democrats keep rewriting the book Republicans now have bookmarked.