Seventy-Five Minutes of Resistance: Protect Yourself from Al Gore

The choice is yours. On December 3-4, you can endure slow-talking Al Gore and his eighth annual 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, complete with certified has-beens, never-really-weres and on-the-way-outs like Sting & Shaggy, Moby, Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, the Goo Goo Dolls, David […]

Fallout: ‘Scientists’ Never Asked US Before Geoengineering

You’ve seen the news stories. Severe heat in the United States, torrential rains and flooding in the Far East, tornados in the midwest, and it’s all being blamed on man made “climate change” and for once, we agree. But it’s not solely because of the effect of industrialization but because arrogant climate scientists believe they […]

Holdren, Gore and the Science Cash Cutoff-Freakout Under Trump

Despite the liberal STFU when it comes to even attempting to discuss both sides of the climate change issue, it’s clear many who’ve made a nice career on the taxpayer-funded end of the sciences are in full freak-out mode as the Trump Administration is systematically dismantling the very lucrative promotion of weather fear. John Holdren, […]

On Climate Change, Obama is ‘97%’ Consensus-Challenged

He’s in our face whenever he can be, mocking anyone who’d dare challenge him….   Again, just because Obama says so, doesn’t make it so, and “There’s no debate” is his presidential way of saying, “Shut the fuck up”. However, we all know how ballistic liberals get when you present them with facts and numbers. The […]