Pelosi Warns Americans Against Protesting a ‘Ruthless’ Government?

Yes, we are talking about a regime that cracks down on citizens who speak out against the government. Yes, we are talking about a regime that incarcerates “mostly peaceful” citizens who protest against the government.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has warned American Olympic athletes not to do or say anything that may enrage their “ruthless” Communist China hosts.

While obviously, a good suggestion, protesting thus “incurring the anger” of a government she leads is punishable, albeit not to the same level of the ChiComms… yet.

In the United States, it all depends on who is doing the protesting.

Nancy Pelosi had no problem with protests against an opposition president, with even one protester talking about blowing up the White House. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats had no problem with Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters who illegally blocked traffic on public streets and highways, verbally and physically assaulted motorists, vandalized public and private property, verbally and physically assaulted law enforcement, burned police stations, and injured and killed Americans on the street. Most of them were not detained and incarcerated, and many have had their release assisted by nonprofits and even elected politicians. Nancy Pelosi has no problem while taxpayer-funded intelligence agencies violate the law and monitor the activities of Americans without cause or warrant every day.

Conversely, Nancy Pelosi has no problem with those who were caught up in the January 6 mayhem and have been jailed since in Third World (Washington, D.C.) conditions, despite not being formally charged with a crime. Conversely, Nancy Pelosi has no problem with parents being surveilled and arrested for protesting local school boards run by liberal Democrats. Conversely, Nancy Pelosi has no problem with state prosecutors persecuting a former President of the United States, whose free speech was repeatedly violated by Big Tech platforms.

Nancy Pelosi can spare us the righteous indignation of warning against Americans exercising free speech in a nation that doesn’t recognize it.

Thanks to people like her, it’s only a little better here.

BTW — If an Olympic athlete does cross the line, there’s no President Trump who’ll personally secure their prompt release. He or she will be at the mercy of Joe Biden who doesn’t leave Americans behind, right?

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