Why the Arrogant, Liberal Media Needs Remedial Training in Journalism

We’ve presented multiple examples of media bias and their arrogance in defending their deceptive edits, bias-by-omission, and/or errors. We’ve also been witness to that arrogance when they break the most fundamental rules of journalism, like relying on the word of someone who won’t go on the record. FBI-CIA Russia Hacking Claims: Anonymous Sources Were Once […]

Racist Pelosi Demands Black Conyers Resign; Not White Franken

For decades, the Democrat left has relished in any opportunity to use the race card against the Republican right. White Democrats, in particular, have been very adept in planting a racial landmine and stepping back to watch in glee as cued blacks would take it to their opponents. But today we have a problem. Many […]

Are WaPo ‘Sources’ and ‘Officials’ Real or Fake Trump Impeachment Fuel?

As said here on many instances, no reputable news editor (back in the day) would ever allow a story to be published that contained quotes from people who would not go on-the-record, in fact to even present such a piece would be tantamount to issuing a resignation letter. Again, this was to protect the credibility […]