Are Latinos Intellectually Inferior? Liberals Have Always Thought So

People come to America for opportunities. People come to America to escape oppression. People come to America to give their children a better future.

And for some reason once some people come here, they attempt to make America resemble the place they from which they fled. The next question may seem provocative; there’s a point so work with me on this one.

Are Latinos intellectually inferior?

Understandably an offensive question to most.

I ask because every other immigrant group that comes to the United States seems to have been given the benefit of the doubt that they have intelligence. Conservatives have always stated the importance of assimilation, so this sentiment of inferiority comes from, again, the intellectually-superior Left.

For example, when you get on a city bus in Boston, the public signs are printed in English and Spanish. Not English and Gaelic or English and Italian, as the Irish and Italian population dominate there. In Chicago, the public signs are in English and Spanish, not English and Polish. In New York, English and Spanish, not English and Yiddish.

I think you know where I am going with this.

For some reason, someone (most probably a liberal) decided all public signs should be written in English and Spanish. I think that’s insulting but predictable considering who probably came up with the policy in the first place. Almost every other immigrant group was expected to assimilate through language, except Latinos. It seems apparent that liberals think Latinos are just too damn stupid and need that crutch. Also keeping in mind that liberals play the entitlement and victim game better than anyone does, some Latinos now expect Americans must learn Spanish so we’ll be a part of their America.

English is the worldwide language of commerce. People in other countries learn English so they can do business with us. Sure, some people here learn other languages to aid in commerce as well, but for the most part, English is where it’s at.

Most immigrant children are immediately immersed in English-only classes in school. In fact, their parents wouldn’t have it any other way. Most Latino parents want the same for their kids. But liberal educators fought to continue bilingual education classes even though years of study showed the only people who benefited by those classes were the teachers who earned extra money for their bilinguistics. Here in California, it took a voter initiative to eliminate those classes (which, of course, was later partially overturned), and even though there were marked improvements in Latino children’s performance, activists and some teachers protested.

Is this notion of multiculturalism really such a great goal? Have the hyphens really helped bring us together, or are they intentionally keeping us apart?

There’s now an entire class of people who don’t have to learn English and can still eke out a living: not a very good one, to be sure. But to the delight of liberals, these immigrants will need public assistance and that assures the growth of Democrat government. These people can take a driver’s test in Spanish and get a license. They can go to supermarkets and not need to speak a word of English. They can get benefits from government social workers and not speak a word of English.

I was in a public building in the San Fernando Valley a couple of weeks ago. Not only were there no forms in English (only in Spanish) but there were also Mexican flags placed prominently on workers desks. Yes, I do have a problem with that.

We have Zita Wilensky who worked in a Miami-Dade government office for 16 years that was terminated after being entrapped by her Latina boss. Wilensky failed to learn Spanish in 60 days (even though it was not a requirement for her hiring since Florida officially recognizes English as the state language). When her boss, posing as an abuse victim, called and spoke in Spanish, the ‘gringa’ (as her all-Latino staff called her) transferred the call to a Spanish-speaking operator. The woman was fired.

Sometimes I wish I were a lawyer. Sometimes….

The beauty of America is that people have the right to be undereducated. They have the right to be ignorant. They thereby, have to accept the after effects of their actions. They will be relegated to low-wage employment. Activists can call it racism, discrimination, and xenophobia. I agree, and I point my finger right back at the activists.

These are the same National Council of La Raza (The Race) bigots who defend bilingual education. Funny, these activists speak the Queen’s English. They wear $300 outfits and some are lawyers. Speaking English seems to have done right by them, however they aggressively defend someone else’s right to stay in the dark.

To answer my question: no. I do not believe Latinos are intellectually inferior. However, some liberals clearly do. These liberals are policy makers and I accuse them of being a victim factory. They wish to create an underclass, so as to keep them down, keep them ignorant, keep them full of envy, keep them full of hate, and keep them seeking before an election. After the election is over and the Liberal wins, things go right back to normal.

If Latinos, like Blacks, would just once vote the other way, they might see a change because they would see a change of attitude.

Conservatives always tell us what we can do. Liberals always tell us what we can’t and the positive message is preferable. Maybe one day, some minorities will wake up and join the rest of America where all can achieve.

As one people.

In one language.

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